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Nama:Alex Holland
Negara: Kanada
Penyertaan:Nov 14, 2009
Interaksi terakhir: Semalam pada 06:16:05
Kiriman Forum:1255  (Lihat kiriman)
Trofi GPRO: 0
Nombor GP:12 (1090)
Mata diperolehi:74 (2507)
Kemenangan:3 (66)
Podium:8 (203)
Posisi Pole:1 (97)
Lap terpantas:2 (40)
Prt mata/perlumbaan: 6.17 (2.3)
Persijilan: Pengurus ini telah berjaya lulus ujian persijilan GPRO! (Dis 30, 2009)

58% dibukakunci

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Fakta segera

GP Pertama: Musim 17, Perlumbaan 9
Masa log:16644
Masa di GPRO:7090.4 jam
Tarikh lahir: -
Tempat lahir:-
Tempat kediaman:-
Status perhubungan:Telah Bercerai

Game data overview

Kumpulan:Master - 5
Kedudukan musim:2
Wang: $??.???.???
Pemandu: Nick Stuck (200)
P. Tek.: Juan Buzzi (151)
Keseluruhan kakitangan:53
Tayar: Badyear
Nama pasukan: Ignition
Kedudukan pasukan:2
Mata pasukan:596.6001


Bacardi (P20) - 20 perlumbaan
Gillatte (P20) - 18 perlumbaan
France Telecomms (P20) - 16 perlumbaan
Qantas Plains (M5) - 6 perlumbaan
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Karier pengurus Alex Holland (Kemaskini terakhir: Apr 26 2021, 01:36:43)
For the longest time I had been playing Mechwarrior 4 with freinds on two different forums. We created quite a bit of the extra maps, cooperative games etc for it. However, like all good things the game started to get old and the numbers of people playing it got low. A number of people from that forum started to play GPRO and that pulled me in. I played a few races and was not really comitted to the game. Just something to pass the time while I worked on other things.

I decided to look into the game in greater depth and the results showed. My first tools were started. I promoted fairly easily. After a number of games I was pulled into the AS racing team. A very good group of guys who enjoy the game and act like a team should. At the same time I was talking to two of the members of Ignition who saw some of my early posts on the game forums and we struck up a friendship of sorts.

This was when I started to get into GPRO even more. Now I was collecting any tid bits of data out there so I could start crunching numbers. Ignition convinced me to move over to their team. Once there, this was largely a building year. I did not need to get many points. Just enough to stay at the amateur level. I worked hard to train my driver and had quite a fight to get his morale down enough to re-sign him. This made my winning stats look bad but there was that reason.

It took another couple of races to drop my drivers morale lower and eventually he was resigned. With that out of the way, I started on a program to build up sponsors and win races. By mid season I had risen to the ranks of 2-3 position. Mostly because I had lost races multiple times by the gods of the last lap random. I expect from here on out I will do fairly well and promote into PRO with a reasonable car and driver.

SEASON 22: Look Ahead
The plans for season 22 are to position myself at the lower end of the mid table ranks: 20-25th positions. This will mostly be a building year, increasing my money, sponsors and training my driver. Nothing really exciting. I expect getting enough points to stay in PRO will be a bit of a fight but I will do it okay. I'm shooting for 5-10 points and then back to building money.