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Nama:Chew Kai Wen
Negara: Singapura
Penyertaan:Mac 10, 2012
Interaksi terakhir: Hari ini pada 21:30:52
Kiriman Forum:1206  (Lihat kiriman)
Trofi GPRO: 0
Nombor GP:3 (595)
Mata diperolehi:0 (755)
Kemenangan:0 (11)
Podium:0 (49)
Posisi Pole:0 (26)
Lap terpantas:0 (2)
Prt mata/perlumbaan: 0 (1.27)
Persijilan: Pengurus ini telah berjaya lulus ujian persijilan GPRO! (Mac 30, 2018)

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GP Pertama: Musim 37, Perlumbaan 7
Masa log:21777
Masa di GPRO:3408.1 jam
Tarikh lahir: -
Tempat lahir:-
Tempat kediaman:-
Status perhubungan:Rakan

Game data overview

Kumpulan:Amateur - 61
Kedudukan musim:26
Wang: $??.???.???
Pemandu: Johnny Beuttler (109)
P. Tek.: Tiada
Keseluruhan kakitangan:29
Tayar: Pipirelli
Nama pasukan: Nuvolari Predators
Kedudukan pasukan:31
Mata pasukan:89.4667


NTV (A61) - 13 perlumbaan
Walt Dismey (P4) - 6 perlumbaan
Accents (A61) - 15 perlumbaan
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Karier pengurus Chew Kai Wen (Kemaskini terakhir: Apr 30 2015, 16:40:54)
Season 46: SO CLOSE...but not there!!! Was tipped for promotion and almost did it, a sudden driver change in Race 13 due to some calculation error by me 2 seasons back came back to haunt me, as other competitors managed to skip pass me and clinch the all important 3rd place promotion spot!!! Now my driver is Vlad Ciuca, another talented lad...this time, I will make sure to calculate that driver contract properly! ;)
1) Portimao GP (Race 4)
2) Rafaela Oval GP (Race 5)
3) Ahvenisto GP (Race 8)
4) Sepang GP (Race 11)
5) Sakhir GP (Race 12)

Season 45: Good season for me, having managed to train up my driver to top class standards. Managed to do well overall for this season, getting a commendable 6th place and 42 points with it as well! Next season should be my season...hopefully! Young Porteiro seems up to the challenge and everything is in order! Now...if only those randoms would go away so that I can actually promote...for once ;)
1) Bucharest Ring GP (Race 4)
2) Monte Carlo GP (Race 8)
3) Mexico City GP (Race 12)
4) Adelaide GP (Race 15)

Season 44: WORST ever season for me with the exception of the first season I started! Nearly got relegated, thankfully, Andy scored the first points for us on the final race day and ensured we finished within the retaining spots! Still building him up as he has a nice potential for the future, hoping that next season would be way better and points can start flowing in again! I don't like relegating :D

Season 43: Almost went for promotion before deciding that wasn't nice, so stayed down! Highest points score in a season in Amateur, new barriers broken, and increased my cash further which is a very good thing! Sadly, good reliable Bruno went too strong to keep, so a new driver is now mine, Spanish bullfighter Andy Porteiro. Huge expectations from him, he just needs training!
1) Portimao GP (Race 7)
2) Mexico City GP (Race 9)
3) Singapore GP (Race 12)

Season 42: Gained a whooping amount of cash and performed well to finish 10th place in my group. Would be aiming to try and raise more cash and bring my car up to the level required in Pro before actually moving up, but that will be real soon! :)
1) Rafaela Oval GP (Race 12)

Season 41: Changed team to Hot Wheels, been a transition season for me as I got used to new tactics and strategies as I seek to rebuild and earn more cash before promoting to Pro! Managed to stay in Amateur for the 3rd straight season, hoping for better next season!
1) Oesterreichring GP (Race 10)

Season 40: Another good season for me, improving on from last season. Lost quite a bit of cash though through the course of this season, hoping that next season I will be able to increase my income! 3 podiums this season, my all time best, yet to finish in the top 2 though! Also my last season in the team We The People, as I look to a new team for next season and beyond!
1) Nurburgring GP (Race 5)
2) Kaunas GP (Race 8)
3) Melbourne GP (Race 15)

Season 39: Good first season for me in my debut season in Amateur, even managing 2 podiums along the way! Hoping to get my 1st GPRO win in Amateur soon... ;)
1) Sepang GP (Race 14)
2) Fuji GP (Race 15)

Season 38: Promoted to Amateur finishing first in Rookie 129
1) Kaunas GP (Race 7)
2) Suzuka GP (Race 10)
3) Bucharest Ring GP (Race 11)
4) Austin GP (Race 13)
5) Yas Marina GP (Race 16)

1) Magny Cours GP (Race 3)
2) Singapore GP (Race 4)
3) Hockenheim GP (Race 5)
4) Slovakiaring GP (Race 6)
5) Shanghai GP (Race 9)
6) Sakhir GP (Race 15)
7) Buenos Aires GP (Race 17)