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Nama:Kenneth Finlayson
Negara: Scotland
Penyertaan:Mac 30, 2012
Interaksi terakhir: Mei 10 2014, 19:49:46
Kiriman Forum:578  (Lihat kiriman)
Trofi GPRO: 0
Nombor GP:0 (190)
Mata diperolehi:0 (475)
Kemenangan:0 (20)
Podium:0 (42)
Posisi Pole:0 (7)
Lap terpantas:0 (15)
Prt mata/perlumbaan: - (2.5)
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GP Pertama: Musim 30, Perlumbaan 4
Masa log:2060
Masa di GPRO:1338.2 jam
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Status perhubungan:Telah berkahwin

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Pemandu: Tiada
P. Tek.: Tiada
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Karier pengurus Kenneth Finlayson (Kemaskini terakhir: Dis 22 2013, 13:31:10)

Goal: here we go , master the mixing it with the big boys now , no idea how this will go but my main aim is to retain , mostly with have to take a lose in cash this season and try and make that back up next season new tyres are an unknow i could of done with out , in the end play it safe a when with annon mainyl due to there low price conc may have been a better chose for raceing and scoreing points should the weather be right but i don't want to have to make my plans on a race by race and would rather like to plan it out to work in my faver for next season too



Goal: ok going for promtion, going to be slow start which isn't great and look s to be quite a few others with same idea which means its proably going to cost me more than i would of wanted , need to think about my first season in masters and make sure i have both car and driver good enoght to stay up which is hard due to haveing no idea of what it takes to stay up in masters so just going to guess :/

Had grat season , cup and group win one of the fastish in one big race in pro , made a nice profit which i spend on buildings really went way better then i would of ever guessed



Goal: once again just to retain and exned my contract of my driver this will give my the best chance posable to promoted out of Pro and then retain in master this season i need to pay more attion to my staff but buildings are in an ok place try and keep my spending down and hopeful land 2 or 3 good sponsors unlike my 2nd seon in ama this will not be an easy year new mangers from ama will have more cash better cars and high driver motavation but im in hope if i stick to my plan all should be fine

Summary : retain as plan , made a profite of ten mil , 3mil of which is used to pay to move to whites however cause i stupedly tryed to chage my plan mid season its going to cost me at the start of next but learn my leason on that front


Goal: first up to resign my driver for 2 more seasons then to retain now need to think about going in to master and not stay to long in pro , maybe getting ahead of my self but it has to be in the back of my mind . " if you stop pushing you go backwards"

Summary : retain , had a ton of bad luck with randoms and semi randons but stay up never the less took a bit of a loass this season but no bigg then plan for it was that or stop develping


goal: promation , should be able to promated with out to much worrys , with the extra places and my drivers quick enoght but need to get ready for pro , so need to work on my car and need to keep my cash at around were it is if not higher as well as have my driver ready too

summary , Promted to pro , got plenty of cash , a good car and a good driver hopeful i can retain


goal: to retain , should be a easy task

summy , an easy year as planned , got my driver up to scrach

Goal: to retain hopeful useing the driver i have as with a bit of trainning i feel i can go to pro with this guy however first year is going to be hard

was a real close season were 12 points got me to reatan but if the worng guys would of been on podium i could of gone down however i retain so first time i will do back to back ama so goal achievd


Goal: to fine a new driver and train him up , start the first few races with my old driver so hope to score so early points before getting a new driver and training him up for promation in s33

season when better then expected so my plans chaged when for promation and got it not idea to chage driver mid season but it didn't hurt to much and new driver has a good chance to help me retain


Goal: to learn what it take to stay up in Amateur and also to what it will take to get promtied to pro as well as colleting a ton of data . don't expect to stay up unless i get lucky but still got to try and do my best to score points

season when as planed , badly but learn a lot and i now feel that i have a good plan to get my to stay up next time around ,also plan to join a team soon which will help greatly

Goal Ok started 4 races late annoing as it will cost me 5 mil next year , plan to make a ton of mistasks this year and get them out of the way lol
3rd 2nd place so now thinking of going for promtion as i feel i'll learn more going to amateur and comeing back down, then staying in rookie

04. Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) 16th, first race ,what more can be said
05. Monza GP (Italy) 21st, a 4 stopper :( but from this i now know how to work out fuel/tyres
06. Hungaroring GP (Hungary) 2nd, showed i figer a few things out already
07. Silverstone GP (United Kingdom) 16th, gamble with tyres didn't pay off but learn to read whether better
08. Shanghai GP (China) 2nd, anther good race:)
09. Singapore GP (Singapore) 10th, miscalued fuel but lean better to have a few laps to much the to less
10. Sakhir GP (Bahrain) 2nd, so close to a win too but got fastist lap
11. Mexico City GP (Mexico) 1st, FIRST WIN :)
12. Laguna Seca GP (United States) 12th first lap puncher :( also wrong tyers and too much fuel
13. Buenos Aires GP (Argentina) 17th gear box whet afer 10 laps :(
14. Zandvoort GP (Netherlands) 3rd , bit should of been win, engain when 1 lap from end
15. Portimao GP (Portugal) 5th, maybe a 3rd was on the cards here with better stragie but notheing more
16. Barcelona GP (Spain) 4th, a good qulily didn't pay off after a poor start and getting stuck behide slower cars cost me 2nd
17. Kyalami GP (South Africa) 6th, bad start, gear box when but just did enoght to finsh 4th overall and go up to ama next season (ended in same points as guy in 5th )

summry- great first year learn a lot and got promoted :)