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Nama:Jensen Owens
Negara: Wales
Penyertaan:Apr 21, 2012
Interaksi terakhir: Sep 13 2019, 22:49:47
Kiriman Forum:6400  (Lihat kiriman)
Trofi GPRO: 0
Nombor GP:0 (383)
Mata diperolehi:0 (1433)
Kemenangan:0 (74)
Podium:0 (137)
Posisi Pole:0 (83)
Lap terpantas:0 (68)
Prt mata/perlumbaan: - (3.74)
Persijilan: Pengurus ini telah berjaya lulus ujian persijilan GPRO! (Mei 7, 2012)

52% dibukakunci

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 Skype:Sted Head For Life !

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GP Pertama: Musim 30, Perlumbaan 11
Masa log:7113
Masa di GPRO:6120.6 jam
Tarikh lahir: -
Tempat lahir:-
Tempat kediaman:-
Status perhubungan:Telah Bertunang

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Wang: $?
Pemandu: Tiada
P. Tek.: Tiada
Keseluruhan kakitangan:0
Tayar: blank
Nama pasukan: -
Kedudukan pasukan:0
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Karier pengurus Jensen Owens (Kemaskini terakhir: Ogo 2 2017, 20:21:50)

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GPRO West Coast Customs - /gb/ManagerProfile.asp?IDM=139689

New to the game April 21st 2012 R197

Just past the test today 7th may 2012, 9 goes at it at last :-)

1st points Finish 8th may 2012 5th in Portimao over the moon :-)

May the 11th Best thing to happen to my GPRO career so far Joining Team GB :-)

1st fastest lap May 11th 2012 Barcelona :-)

S31 R197

1st podium May 25th 2012 Monaco position 2nd :-)

1st Win June the 1st 2012 Interlagos :-)

1st pole June 12th 2012 Adelaide :-)

1st sponsor deal June 19th 2012 Niveau :-)

20th July 2012 End of Season 31 Rookie 197 Champion :-)

Points 104
Wins: 7
Podiums: 9
Pole positions: 3

Team GB Season position: 154

Season points: 286.1996

[GPRO Oscars] Unofficial S31 Community Award

Here are the nominees for the Best Newbie:

Chris Bloomer
Jensen Owens
Kirsty Ridley

And the winner is…..

Jensen Owens!


Owens 40.35%
Ridley 31.58%
Bloomer 28.07%

No previous winners.

And That's the end to a great season :-)

S32 A52

Aug 19th 2012, 21:42:21 Season 32 Race 7 ROCKSTAR Racing was established

1st Points Finish in Amateur S32 Race 7 / Portimao (Portugal) :-)

Season 32 Race 14 / 3 Sponsor deals Achieved :-)

1st Podium finish in Amateur S32 Race 17 / Shanghai GP (China) 2nd

End of S32 STANDINGS 09th. Jensen Owens 20 20 19 23 14 11 8 8 13 6 4 9 26 14 17 34 2 /18 Points

The nominees for Worst Forum User are:

Kevin Forster
Jensen Owens
Arald Sopoti
Tom Stamper
Bence Aladin Wágner

And the winner is……

Jensen Owens!


Owens 44.64%
Stamper 21.43%
Forster 14.29%
Sopoti 12.50%
Wágner 7.14%

Previous winners:

S31: Joint between Stuart Gibson and Michael Winkley
S30: Michael Winkley
S29: Luke Frost
S28: Nazir Ali
S19: Michael Winkley
S18: Daniel Bassett
S17: Finn Shaw-McIver
S16: Joint between Lee Parfitt, Samoeni Albanalopolis and Finn Shaw-McIver

And that's the end to a great season :-)


S33 A52

R1 Very happy 4th Suzuka (Japan)

R2 Podium 2nd Sepang (Malaysia) :-)

R3 Car problem 17th Yeongam (South Korea)

R4 1st Amateur Win Zandvoort (Netherlands) :-)

R5 In the points 7th Barcelona (Spain) :-)

R6 1st Amateur Fastest lap :-) Race postion 1st Nurburgring (Germany) :-)

R7 Start Crash 38th :-( New Delhi (India)

R8 1st Sakhir (Bahrain) :-)

R9 Got a point with 0 risks 8th Yas Marina (United Arab Emirates)

R10 15th Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) ;-(

R11 2nd Magny Cours GP (France) :-)

R12 1st ammy pole :-) Unlucky for sum 13th Oesterreichring GP (Austria) ;-(

R13 NEW TRACK 6th Austin GP (United States) WELL HAPPY WITH THAT :-)

R14 Smoking 23rd Buenos Aires GP (Argentina)

R15 Smoking 31st Interlagos GP (Brazil)

R16 Smoking 34th Mugello GP (Italy) Out of debt just about, was going to go up to pro changed my mind ;-)

Quote ( Timo Sydänmetsä @ November 29th 2012,21:28:19 )

Whole season I was keeping in mind that I cant know what will happen to Jensen so stay far away from promo spot, You change your mind like socks. Was nice to drive with you anyway. :)

R17 11th Bucharest Ring GP (Romania) with my new driver for rookie :-)

With no Oscur this season in Mikko's great [GPRO Oscars] Unofficial S33 Community Awards /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=21243#scroll

That is the end to a great season the best to my date yet, learned a lot :-)


S34 Group R19

R1 10th Adelaide GP (Australia) Happy with that me driver showed sum good pace

R2 6th Paul Ricard (France) In the points :-)

R3 2nd Mexico City (Mexico) That's a lot better on the podium with 0 risks :-)

R4 2nd Silverstone (United Kingdom) I really want to win this one 2nd is still good though for a home GP :-)

R5 1st Irungattukottai (India) 5 Races in I get my 1st win feels good :-)

R6 12th Istanbul (Turkey) Smoked it

R7 23rd Anderstorp (Sweden) Smoked it

R8 20th Valencia (Spain) Smoked it

R9 1st Slovakiaring (Slovakia) NEW TRACK 1ST Hattrick Over the moon proper buzzing with that :-)

R10 2nd Fuji (Japan) Good performance just what I needed to keep my promo a live

R11 4th Ahvenisto (Finland) Points are points and I take the 4th place any day than not have any points at this stage in the season

R12 2nd Fiorano (Italy) Back on Forum :-)

R13 2nd Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) Seems like I was King of the 2's :-)

R14 1st Kaunas (Lithuania) Proper happy with this result was are 2nd time here I wanted to win it I did :-)

R15 2nd Hungaroring (Hungary) And this was the end of the season for me, decide not to go for the title just make money

R16 24th Laguna Seca (United States) Smoked it

R17 19th Poznan (Poland) Smoked it

This was a great season loved the mixed weather :-)

Great racing from R19 managers it really did go all the way

My goal was to learn how to make money and finishing the season with $72.390.117 I think I learned a little on how to do that

No Oscur this season in Mikko's great [GPRO Oscars] puts a end to a wonderful season loved every bit of it :-)


S35 Group A32

1. A1-Ring (Austria) 8th in the points 1st race of the season :-)
2. Imola (San Marino) 25th as planned
3. Zolder (Belgium) 3rd With a driver I brought up from rookie :-)
4. Estoril (Portugal) 12th
5. Anderstorp (Sweden) Another Point was happy with that :-)
6. Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) 9th Close to the points
7. Melbourne (Australia) 11th
8. Kyalami (South Africa) 34th This where I was trying to lose mot to resign driver
9. Sepang (Malaysia) 25th
10. Buenos Aires (Argentina) This is where losing mot was pointless, I ditched the driver and hired a new one to try and win my home GP
11. Brands Hatch (United Kingdom) WINNER Bang Bingo the best win to date :-)
12. Brno (Czech Republic) 2nd :-)
13. Spa (Belgium) 2nd :-) Over the moon with the 3 Podium streak
14. Montreal (Canada) Pole position :-) 28th This is wear I realized I could get promo witch I did not want
15. Shanghai (China) 26th This was my drivers FT even if I was pushing there was no chance I would of beat Marian Sultanoiu /gb/ManagerProfile.asp?IDM=83826 He won in style :-)
16. Brasilia (Brazil) 28th Was my old drivers FT
17. Sakhir (Bahrain) 31st

I got 1 nomination in Mikko's wicked [GPRO Oscars] Unofficial S33 Community Awards

that will do me :-)

It was a very nice season I changed my plans like I always do lol


S36 Group A32

Lets start with the GOALS :-)

Have Fun!
Win all: 17
Number: 1 Welsh Man
Amateur: Champion
Amateur: Cup
Win: Home GP Back to Back
Win: Monaco

I never got all 17, I did win the 1st race though :-) Witch gave me hope, but soon crushed R2 8 Wins in total, With 15 Podiums :-)

I Showed the Welsh greats how its done lol It was a lucky season for me to take that number1 spot, or just perfect unplanned timing :-)

Amateur Champion Yeah Baby ! /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=22177&PostId=2869985#post2869985

The Cup was a close call come the final against Miroslav Minchev /gb/ManagerProfile.asp?IDM=224858 it was 1-1 going into the final race, witch happened to be my home GP :-)

R17 Silverstone Chance to get Back to Back Home GP's wins, this took a lot of head scratching, even did a post to see what the community thought /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?Highlight=daft&TopicId=22212&... I chose to focus on the win not FL or PP just the win BANG BINGO ! I won :-)

Monaco This race was off the chain :-) I was happy to get a win, to get a hat-trick WOW! I partied hard that night like a proper ROCKSTAR :-)

I think the biggest change for me this season was I had goals, and I wanted the fun bus :-) I got lucky to stay another season in ammy, because if I went up to Pro It would never of happened, I learned a great amount from this season, not just being a manager, but being a Boss of a team as they call yeah, and what I want for us and where I can see us going if we stick at, I think we are 10 managers that could go far in the game just take time

Mikko did a smashing Job again this season in the [GPRO Oscars] Unofficial S36 Community Awards /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=22236&Page=1 no Oscar for me :-( :-)

1. Zandvoort (Netherlands) Finished 1st Q 2nd FL 1:09.748
2. Monza (Italy) Finished 2nd Q 1st FL 1:25.215
3. Istanbul (Turkey) Finished 1st Q 1st FL 1:28.711 - Hat-trick
4. Barcelona (Spain) Finished 1st Q 1st FL 1:23.081 - Hat-trick
5. Hungaroring (Hungary) Finished 4th Q 2nd
6. Ahvenisto (Finland) Finished 3rd Q 1st
7. Anderstorp (Sweden) Finished 3rd Q 1st FL 1:14.592
8. Monte Carlo (Monaco) Finished 1st Q 1st FL 1:22.274 - Hat-trick
9. Portimao (Portugal) Finished 2nd Q 1st
10. Indianapolis Oval (United States) Finished 2nd Q 3rd
11. Mexico City (Mexico) Finished 3rd Q 2nd
12. Montreal (Canada) Finished 2nd Q 1st
13. Yeongam (South Korea) Finished 1st Q 1st FL 1:38.585 - Hat-trick
14. New Delhi (India) Finished 1st Q 4th
15. Singapore (Singapore) Finished 1st Q 1st FL 1:29.793 - Hat-trick
16. Adelaide (Australia) Finished 6th Q 1st FL 1:15.933
17. Silverstone (United Kingdom) Finished 1st Q 1st


S37 Pro-2

This one was for the team, gutted I missed 2 races, I made up for it though by winning :-) we finished 22nd 508 points, it was a great effort, from all of us, loads a passion, Then there's RS AON there loads of S behind this story, but the main 1 is Dan the F ing Man LolOL could not see him on his own, We got it going now he flying the stabilizers are off, now were 2 teams that are enjoying the game together , Ramos has taken on a big part 2 now, I think he a legend, loads of passion for the game, if every body is happy winner winner chicken dinner :-)

The Oscars was great to be put up there with the best in the game was great, I Just Love the game and the people in it. its a mad little world :-)


S38 R-105

Joanbeater :-?

I did beat my mate Joan proper Racing :-)

We ended up coming head to head in the Cup Final he Won the 1st I won the 2nd R17 shoot out :-)

He WON :-( It was a great race and I learned loads from the rookie master :-) And took on a new challenge with Sir Dick Galica lol

I tried to Win Monaco and I was till I got hit by a part faller would of been nice to get it but 2nd will do me :-)

I missed the Oscars this time round :-(


S39 Promo to Ammy The epic fail that turned into a winner

Lets start with the races

1. Austin (United States) 3rd Q1st
2. Montreal (Canada) 4th Q2nd
3. Interlagos (Brazil) 5th Q1st
4. Mexico City (Mexico) 8th Q1st
5. Paul Ricard (France) 1st
6. Zolder (Belgium) 1st
7. Brands Hatch (United Kingdom) 1st Q1st FL 1:29.022 Hat-Trick This one was for Jeff Garcia R.I.P /gb/ManagerProfile.asp?IDM=16762
8. Fiorano (Italy) 19th Q1ST FL 1:03.767
9. Istanbul (Turkey) 1st Q1st
10. Serres (Greece) 3rd Q1st
11. Ahvenisto (Finland) 1st Q1st FL 1:19.199 Hat-Trick
12. Valencia (Spain) 1st Q1st
13. Irungattukottai (India) 1st Q1st FL 1:25.280 Hat-Trick
14. Sepang (Malaysia) 1st Q1st
15. Fuji (Japan) 1st Q1st
16. Adelaide (Australia) 4th Q1st
17. Kyalami (South Africa) 3rd Q1st

This season was about the promo to Ammy with my driver Dick Galica and to aim to gain a rookie cup witch I did :-)
I won a rookie Championships for 2nd time, witch was a added Bonus, The big one for me because I never thought I would win it

Was in the Oscars for best Forum User here are the result

First up is a very familiar award. This season the community chose no first-timers for this category - they've all been included here in some of the past seasons!

The nominees for Best Forum User are:

Andrei Ciuchi
Michael Keeney
Keri Lovell
Jensen Owens
Max Watson
Michael Winkley

And the winner is.....

Jensen Owens!


Owens 34.72%
Ciuchi 20.83%
Winkley 16.67%
Lovell 12.50%
Watson 12.50%
Keeney 2.78%

Previous winners:

S38: Andrei Ciuchi
S37: Max Watson
S36: Max Watson
S35: Andrei Ciuchi
S34: Rafael Mantovani
S33: Florencia Caro
S32: Sion Francis
S31: Sion Francis
S30: Andrei Ciuchi
S29: Andrei Ciuchi
S28: Greg Swaney
S19: Chinmay Dhopate
S18: Chinmay Dhopate
S17: Jan Zaluski
S16: Chinmay Dhopate

That put the Icing on the cake the T in Tea, Its very nice to have won that, from being the worst to being the best lol

Big TY to Mikko for put on these great awards, and this season was a all time record breaker Congratz :-)
And Thank you to all that Voted :-)


S40 Amateur - 14

It gong to be a slow one

Something went wrong seemed to miss a few seasons out SHOCKERS !




Loved this season great fun seeing my driver grow :-)

S45 plan ATTACK ATTACK :-)


Well my driver has grown up to his max OA for rookie its time for my promo to ammy to turn him into a beast :-)