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Nama:James Hitchen
Negara: England
Penyertaan:Jul 23, 2012
Interaksi terakhir: Hari ini pada 15:43:30
Kiriman Forum:370  (Lihat kiriman)
Trofi GPRO: 0
Nombor GP:3 (701)
Mata diperolehi:0 (1233)
Kemenangan:0 (26)
Podium:0 (94)
Posisi Pole:0 (28)
Lap terpantas:0 (17)
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GP Pertama: Musim 32, Perlumbaan 1
Masa log:10901
Masa di GPRO:2046.9 jam
Tarikh lahir: -
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Game data overview

Kumpulan:Amateur - 50
Kedudukan musim:17
Wang: $???.???.???
Pemandu: Henri Beltoise (114)
P. Tek.: Tiada
Keseluruhan kakitangan:29
Tayar: Pipirelli
Nama pasukan: Team Edifice
Kedudukan pasukan:10
Mata pasukan:115.0999


J.P. Morning (P1) - 22 perlumbaan
WalMarket (P1) - 17 perlumbaan
Danke (A50) - 11 perlumbaan
BTT Group (A50) - 10 perlumbaan
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Karier pengurus James Hitchen (Kemaskini terakhir: Ogo 19 2020, 16:19:03)
People who have made my time in GPRO extremely enjoyable:

Danny Moreno, although small those interactions on the group forum in my first season gave me a big motivational boost.
Fanda Medovy: letting me join his team and giving the annoying kid I was some good advice.
Michael Franks: Giving me my big chance and providing some fantastic advice and very much being the turning point for me.
Gareth Griffiths & Brian Murphy: Being great team leaders and putting hours of time into Mad Motors to keep it running.
Michal Szopinski: Giving me a huge amount of advice and guiding me out of amateur, a fantastic straight forward guy.
Willie Avent: a genuine person who shares my love of motorsport and has time to talk to you at any point.
Andy Dowson: Sharing some fantastic tools for me to use and giving me some quick feedback and help when I needed it.
Michael Armbuster: always replying to my mostly pointless ramblings on the vp forum and providing me with some great insight.
Andrzej Powalka: keeping me entertained and making me learn some new things, usually we both learn something from our convos.


My GPRO story:

Chapter 1: Finding the game

I found the game through an online advert and got my dad to sign me up. I enjoyed GPRO ever since I first played it back in 2012 when I was 11 years old. I didn't understand it much, I got myself into amateur a couple times but couldn't make an impact. I didn't have people on GPRO I knew well, i was a member of Xatu Roxu Racing, there were 3/4 of us but we never really discussed things. me and Fanda Medovy had brief discussions but nothing of significant detail, I was still guessing with most things and not collecting data. I eventually lost interest in the game due to my lack of progress which was due to my lack of understanding. I'd managed 8 seasons in total. I stopped playing over the 2013/14 christmas break and didn't come back...

Chapter 2: The second attempt

That was until late 2014. I got myself a French driver and set about re-learning the game, I remembered some rough fuel numbers and tyre wear and ended up promoting to amateur in my first season back on the game, once again I was lost in amateur, for context the set-ups I used were done in 50 point intervals while my fuel was a rough estimation. Late in that amateur season Michael Franks approached me about joining a new sister team he was establishing for Wacky Racers GP. He gave me access to race calculators, accurate set-ups and everything, I missed out on retaining by around 1 place in the final race of the season but no worries because for my new attack in rookie I had an active team with all the tools you could want. There was experience and Mad Motors was very fun. Myself and Ken Deere were in the same group, he promoted while I prepared my new driver despite me winning round 1 of the season with a random bad driver, it was my first GPRO win (thanks Beppe!). Then I promoted with my most successful season to date, I found myself in Amateur again following the plan and training my driver, I was competitive at this level for the first time ever. I eventually went up to Pro however I didn't know what I was doing, I was out of my depth with a poor driver, however I assumed it was my tyre choice and backed off for the season...

Chapter 3: Amateur 125

A strange 7 seasons in amateur followed. I had no direction, no plans and seasons were spent retaining and smoking thinking of 'next season'. By this point many of the experienced members of MM and WRGP had left and both teams were struggling. I felt like things had gone stale. No one had motivation, the race tools were in bad condition, there was little conversation but I kept plugging away. S57 R12 I signed a german driver who was unlike what I had signed before and should of been a flop, I got him for 17 races and intended to retire when his contract expired. little did I expect to promote in S58, I was completely unprepared and only had my driver for half the season but i was hauling money in thanks to no training and testing wasn't something I had discovered yet. I went back into pro and took contis...

Chapter 4: The Fall

If i re-did S59 now I am confident I would of been able to retain comfortably. Unfortunately I felt I should go with what I had experienced success with in the past, I resigned my project driver from 15 seasons earlier and he wasn't bad, but my next driver was a nightmare and I wrote the season off. I was getting no help by this point and was beginning to realise that no matter how hard Brian and Gareth tried to recover the team it was never going to be back to the level it was back when I joined. I didn't have the motivation to move and didn't want to jump to a team in a similar situation. Convinced I had learnt from season 59 I tried again. Back in amateur I set about training Mr Speed. I used my very old plan from S46-51 which was outdated and no longer up to the standard needed. So then began the transition...

Chapter 5: "That movie in the series that is just released for some money"

I'd found some new motivation which I had not had for a long time, I spent S61 trying to prepare properly but my tools for set-up and strategy were outdated, slightly broken and not up to the task, I did not have the knowledge to balance out these issues and I ultimately realised for S62 I needed a new team, I began the search over the season break. I looked at 3 teams all of which i knew I'd get rejected from. First it was BORG, I got rejected unsurprisingly. I had applied because they seemed like a team in the know who would be active and could genuinely help me. I then messaged Gulf Porsche about their free slot on the off chance it wasn't already filled and I could just try my luck, it was too late to even apply though. So i began searching a bit more and I stumbled across a name i recognised. "van Popta". This was a name I held in my mind ever since my early days alongside team names such as Edifice and Tiger. I saw they had a place and I messaged Mick about it. I looked at the teams and thought I would fit in. I expected to be rejected but I got accepted miraculously and it was a fantastic oppertunity.

Chapter 6: effort

I failed my promo attempt in S62 as predicted by Mick. Wise guy. So he helped me find a new driver... actually change that, Mick found me a driver and gave me a great plan for taking him up to the next rank and how to go about it. I sifted through the van Popta forums learning entirely new things including that I can't manage money no matter how hard I try. But I made it to the end of S65. According to the plan I was meant to be promoting but I'd under done the training and so began the difficult job of promoting with a mediocre car and driver but luckily thanks to my supreme management skills I promoted. So back to Pro we go and its set to be difficult thanks to my inability to stick to a plan

Chapter 7: A Polish Guy

One day while browsing the forums of the summer of 2018 I spotted a noob looking for advice on why his tyres were deflating. I messaged him and he asked me to help him, so I agreed. You know the cliche of the apprentice becoming better than the master? well yeah it took Andrzej a couple of races and he was already doing better than me. I had to up my game so i found him a good driver to practice training up and get him used to everything. I realised he was a smart guy and I liked his approach to the game. vP had a place in renegades and I thought Andrzej would be great in that spot, not just for Andrzej but for the team. He seemed like someone who had the common sense to go far. I tried helping him but thats a generous description on my part, I just told him who to message and a rough idea of what to say. He ended up getting it and hes been just as good as I expected and I'm very concerned he might beat me to elite.

Chapter 8: I guess I'm a pro

I retained in pro with one of the most enjoyable and satisfying seasons ever. I learnt a huge amount and felt like I was less of the new guy around vP and more someone who could have a genuine conversation about the game and understand it fully. Unfortunately some fantastic vP members were lost such as Andy Dowson, Mark Pinnick, Victor Dragusanu and temporarily Willie. They were members who I felt I could approach for help and were all very welcoming and friendly when I first joined, I was very sad that they moved on but could understand their reasoning. I felt that was my cue to up my involvement with vpBB being down on members and Mick and Ivan both on their way down the ranks and seemingly losing interest there felt like there was a hole. But I was still having fun. Cue season 68, the pro prep season which started off as a reminder of my first few attempts at pro, lack of pace and bad strategies but this time I knew my issues and quickly resolved them, the new PHA system worked to my advantage as my method of car parts buying suits it for 2 out of 3 races a season meaning I was inconsistent but getting the job done. I just didn't have the luck to go with it unlike the previous season which was the opposite. But preparation was well under way and the season ended very strongly with 26 out of 40 points in the final 4 races.

Chapter 9: New Heights

The first time it had came to promoting out of pro, I'd done all the hard work, now I just have to pull it all together. after browsing the vP forums I think I've got a competitive package. I have a fall back plan just in case promo goes pear shaped which I was expecting while waiting for the new season. However the first race came with my second closest race win I've ever had. Was this just going to be a one off? Not quite but the relentless random technical problems cost me millions and lots of points. Borderline rage quitting but hey I won the cup and finished top of the standings and had fun, I even won the TERG championship and set a new track record in it! So it came to Master and I got the group I wanted to be in. Moti dropping was the first thing on the agenda, but pole position in round 1 and a random in the race was exactly what I had hoped for.

Chapter 10: sell out

The heights of Master went to my head and I applied to Edifice, they stupidly accepted me. Its terrible here, all the greeks use a weird alphabet and they are clearly just all Yannis, Gary and Tim have gone missing, Pete's abusing me, Ahmet won't stop dancing, Max uses big words, Rafael just talks about Game Of Thrones and theres someone called Phil here. I regret it all. Master is going well though, better than expected, but my money has disappeared (thanks for the early warning Rick :)). It was an okay season, things look good from the outside but really the weather and when it came messed up my ideal plans, i compromised and as a result my situation was far from ideal going into S71. Ultimately it was an uphill struggle to begin with and when I was on the pace I made mistakes which became very costly in what was a very close battle at the top, I ultimately missed out but intend to try and stay in master for as long as possible.

Chapter 11: uh oh
Survived on Avonns in S72 quite comfortably with two podiums. the building of a new driver was going quite well and i felt he was stronger than my previous one. S73 I chose yokos which was a massive mistake and made the season a living hell, I was getting good results but not quite points, I was overspending to try and get points but nothing was working... oh and where i was living burnt down near the start of the season so that caused problems. Spent the following pro season on pips doing the set-up from my phone. Parked in ama-50 and just played with a french bloke for some fun (oo-ar). Got another french bloke whos a bit more long term, lets begin at chapter 8 once again...