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Nama:Jezz Bowden
Negara: England
Penyertaan:Sep 11, 2008
Interaksi terakhir: Apr 3 2014, 01:49:01
Kiriman Forum:985  (Lihat kiriman)
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Nombor GP:0 (241)
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Lap terpantas:0 (6)
Prt mata/perlumbaan: - (1.81)
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Karier pengurus Jezz Bowden (Kemaskini terakhir: Jul 16 2013, 01:10:23)
Season 37: [Am 86]

1. Nurburgring (Germany)
2. Paul Ricard (France)
3. Jerez (Spain)
4. Mugello (Italy)
5. Oesterreichring (Austria)
6. Estoril (Portugal)
7. Hungaroring (Hungary)
8. Indianapolis (United States)
9. Melbourne (Australia)
10. Brasilia (Brazil)
11. Suzuka (Japan)
12. Yeongam (South Korea)
13. Sepang (Malaysia)
14. New Delhi (India)
15. Spa (Belgium)
16. Brno (Czech Republic)
17. Poznan (Poland)

Testtrack: Mexico City (Mexico)

Ok, I'm back, not playing as seriously, but that's a relative thing ;-)

Season 36: [Rookie - 32]

01. Zandvoort GP (Netherlands) Apr 30th, 2013 - Rookie fueling error cost me the win }:-(
02. Monza GP (Italy) May 3rd, 2013 - Yay, a rare win! :-)
03. Istanbul GP (Turkey) May 7th, 2013 - Will smoke, so just a question of when and how many points I don't get, but the rain makes it a lottery anyway! :-/
04. Barcelona GP (Spain) May 10th, 2013 - Regulation win ;-)
05. Hungaroring GP (Hungary) May 14th, 2013 - Oh feck, more rain! This can't end well! Missed the win by 2s! Still 2nd with an untalented driver aint bad :()
06. Ahvenisto GP (Finland) May 17th, 2013 - Romped home by 1.5 minutes :-)
07. Anderstorp GP (Sweden) May 21st, 2013 - Started smoking 8 laps out with 14s in hand and held on for the win by 0.222s! :D
08. Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) May 24th, 2013 - Another romp! :-)
09. Portimao GP (Portugal) May 28th, 2013 - I only won this one because the guy in 2nd tried to make Meds do a one stopper :-)
10. Indianapolis Oval GP (United States) May 31st, 2013 - An extra stop due to random and a monster DM cost me another win }:-(
11. Mexico City GP (Mexico) Jun 4th, 2013 - 5th in the rain again! This time due to higher than expected temp and miscalculation of tyre wear }:-(
12. Montreal GP (Canada) Jun 7th, 2013 - Poor strategy from me, played it too safe when I got the weather changes almost exactly correct!
13. Yeongam GP (South Korea) Jun 11th, 2013 - Back to winning ways by a fly's winkle! :-)
14. New Delhi GP (India) Jun 14th, 2013 - Tyre wear out massively, had to make an extra stop and dropped to 2nd }:-(
15. Singapore GP (Singapore) Jun 18th, 2013 - The arse who arrived on race 12, and who's only aim for the season is to deny me wins, over did the CTs and stopped on Lap 60!
16. Adelaide GP (Australia) Jun 21st, 2013 - A random requiring an extra pitstop couldn't stop me winning by almost a minute, and still no CTs ;-)
17. Silverstone GP (United Kingdom) Jun 25th, 2013 - Another random, this time more costly, lost a certain win, thanx GPRO, you truly piss me off sometimes!

Thanx to work commitments Master is as far as I go, Au Revoir GPRO, it's been fun <3

Season 29: [Master-4]

01. Buenos Aires GP (Argentina) Jan 13th, 2012 -
02. Brasilia GP (Brazil) Jan 17th, 2012 -
03. Indianapolis GP (United States) Jan 20th, 2012 -
04. Montreal GP (Canada) Jan 24th, 2012 -
05. Valencia GP (Spain) Jan 27th, 2012 -
06. Fiorano GP (Italy) Jan 31st, 2012 -
07. Zolder GP (Belgium) Feb 3rd, 2012 -
08. Paul Ricard GP (France) Feb 7th, 2012 -
09. Istanbul GP (Turkey) Feb 10th, 2012 -
10. Nurburgring GP (Germany) Feb 14th, 2012 -
11. Anderstorp GP (Sweden) Feb 17th, 2012 -
12. Yas Marina GP (United Arab Emirates) Feb 21st, 2012 -
13. Sepang GP (Malaysia) Feb 24th, 2012 -
14. Irungattukottai GP (India) Feb 28th, 2012 -
15. Yeongam GP (South Korea) Mar 2nd, 2012 -
16. Suzuka GP (Japan) Mar 6th, 2012 -
17. Melbourne GP (Australia) Mar 9th, 2012 -

Season 28: [Pro-4]

1. Sakhir (Bahrain)
2. Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi)
3. Singapore (Singapore) 1st -> 1st As far as I'm aware this was my first triple! :-)
4. Irungattukottai (India)
5. Fuji (Japan) 2nd -> 7th Random + Fractional under-fueling dropped me from 1st to 7th, 3 laps from the end }:-(
6. Interlagos (Brazil) Zero risks, pointless wasting my parts at these temps and wear.
7. Indianapolis Oval (United States)
8. Montreal (Canada)
9. Adelaide (Australia)
10. Kyalami (South Africa)
11. Spa (Belgium)
12. A1-Ring (Austria)
13. Magny Cours (France)
14. Monte Carlo (Monaco)
15. Estoril (Portugal)
16. Ahvenisto (Finland)
17. Hockenheim (Germany)

Testtrack: Poznan (Poland)

Season 27: [Pro-4]

1. Bucharest Ring (Romania) 37th -> 27th. AO control mode, finished a little higher than I would have liked. Still, managed to shed 35 Mot, 3 more like that please :-)
2. Zolder (Belgium) 38th -> 35th. Lost a whole pile of Mot (63), even if it hurts to be so far down the grid, it's essential AO control.
3. Monza (Italy) 40th -> 34th. 45 more Mot shed! This is killing me lol, Driver contract ext x17, just two more suicide jobs to go and I can double renew :-)
4. Anderstorp (Sweden) 39th -> 31st 41 Mot shed, one more race to go.
5. Paul Ricard (France) 10th -> 37th Qualified normally, but let her smoke as I needed to ensure zero motivation. Double renewal complete, time to get on with testing :-)
6. Brands Hatch (United Kingdom) -> 40th I actually finshed last! First time I think :(
7. Singapore (Singapore) 22 -> 34th More smoking........
8. Istanbul (Turkey) 13 -> 32nd
9. Barcelona (Spain) 18 -> 32nd
10. Melbourne (Australia) 27 -> 31st
11. Suzuka (Japan) 9th -> 17th 60% risks and a few percent of wear ultimately wasted!
12. Shanghai (China) 17 -> 18th
13. Yeongam (South Korea) 10th -> 2nd Retainer had to be a crazy wet/dry lottery didn't it! Luckily it ended well for me ;-)
14. Laguna Seca (United States)
15. Mexico City (Mexico) 31st -> 22nd Made the silly noob mistake of doing Q2 on Softs! Lost a bit of money but probably wouldn't have ended up any higher on zero risks.
16. Interlagos (Brazil) 8-> 24th More smoke.
17. New Delhi (India) 9th -> 19th Smoke, smoke, smoke......luckily we had 15 drop outs I think and I smoked home in 19th

Testrack: Fuji (Japan) 11 sessions. Fastest Lap= 1:27.505

Season 26: [Am-38]

1. Valencia (Spain) 3rd -> 5th Low risk two stopper, fair bit off the pace despite getting pole, some of these guys must be using high risks!?
2. Estoril (Portugal) 1st -> 3rd Low risk wet race
3. Poznan (Poland) 2nd -> 19th Let it smoke after 3 testing sessions
4. Silverstone (United Kingdom) 3rd -> 7th Low risks, high part wear, lucky not to smoke
5. Singapore (Singapore) 3rd -> 4th Regulation medium risk 2 stopper
6. Irungattukottai (India) 1st -> 5th Lost my usual 3 places at the start and fought my way back up to second, only for the cooling to fail 8 laps from the end, that's what I get for trying high risks :(
7. Fuji (Japan) 2nd -> 4th Medium risks got what it deserved, hope the saved wear is worth it!!?
8. Nurburgring (Germany) 1st -> 12th Fairly high risks for me were totally wasted as my electronics smoked of all things!
9. Brno (Czech Republic) 1st -> 5th Low risk 3 stopper, still 2s off the pace though :(
10. Hungaroring (Hungary) 3rd -> 8th Another stupid 7 second slide takes me from 1st to 8th where I finished, I fucking hate this game sometimes!
11. Oesterreichring (Austria) 2nd -> 3rd Starting on wets was a mistake as it stayed dry for 6 laps, still got only my 2nd podium after front runner smoked, pitted 1 lap from the end and then slid on his outlap. Nice to know I'm not the only one to get bad luck in this group :D
12. Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) 1st -> 7th These fucking mixed rain races are not only a pointless lottery, but a complete waste of time, effort, and money! It can totally screw up your plans for a season, and is in my opinion completely unfair unless you give us the ability to give more subtle instructions at pitstops. Yes it happens in real life, but then teams are not supposed to guess ahead of time and made to stick to those guesses no matter what the weather is doing, bcoz that would be fucking stupid! Sort it out!
13. Indianapolis Oval (United States) 8th -> 11th Despite planning for rain that didn't arrive I was doing ok until GPRO decided it was my turn for another random that saw me pit twice in as many laps, going from 1st to 15th in the process, and ending any hopes of some points, and possibly promotion too, thanx a fucking bunch you twats!
14. Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2nd -> 2nd Upgraded a few well worn parts back up to L5 and used medium risks to get an easy 2nd, just a shame I couldn't overtake the slower guy in front of me who I had to beat to go thru to the cup-final.
15. Monza (Italy) 1st -> 2nd Badly held up by Rainer Vint in my first stint, I some how ended up behind him again in my 3rd stint and the %^$@ blocked me all the way to the line! Still, two 2nd placed finishes leaves me needing only 3 points from the final two races to guarantee promotion, though I would like to do it at Magny Cours so I can smoke the last race ;-)
16. Magny Cours (France) 1st -> 1st! 1st time I have done that I think? Promotion confirmed! There were times this season when I was sure the GPRO Gods were against me, but in the end I met my target exactly, set out to average 4 points per race and promote with at least 80M. Tick and tick ;-)
17. Spa (Belgium) Supposed to be lowering Motivation, but tried to balance it with more money making. Made more money, lowering Motivation, not so much :()
Goodbye Am-38, finally!!

Testrack: Brasilia (Brazil) 4 sessions. Fastest lap= 1:39.468

Season 25: [Am-38]

Yet another new driver, and another retaining job to do!

01. Shanghai (China) 18th -> 11th Got a bit lucky, I pitted with worn rain tyres the same lap it stopped raining! Saved a stop and gained a few places :-)
02. Fuji (Japan) 12th -> 25th Did minimal set-up, no risks compromise to collect enough race money but also finish low enough to shed Motivation. Mission accomplished :-)
03. Sakhir (Bahrain) 13th -> 33rd Started with a very worn car after 3 testing sessions, and predictably smoked :D
04. Yeongam (South Korea) 4 -> 5th My retainer didn't go completely to plan, pushed to hard in Q1 and got a horrible time, a big DM and slow pitstop lost me any chance of a podium, still 4 points may well be enough without the need to push further!
05. Istanbul (Turkey) 30th -> 33rd Did a 48 lap 1st stint on Hards to try and lose vital motivation to get OA down to 110, of course it only got to 111 lol, hopefully with another rubbish showing in Zolder Mot will go down enough to ext his contract.
06. Zolder (Belgium) 16th - 26th Did a 60 lap first stint and lost enough motivation to get OA down to 110 :-)
07. Zandvoort (Netherlands) 4th -> 13th Leading on lap 59 when a random broke my brakes and I hobbled in 13th :(
08. Magny Cours (France) 24th - 37th DNF Dropped out on lap 69 (exactly 90% race distance!) after surprising wear broke my brakes :(
09. Jerez (Spain) 15th - 36th DNF Did an upgrade/downgrade so I could continue testing, ultimately wasted 20m as Gears failed and dropped out short of 90% race distance, shit season so far....
10. Monte Carlo (Monaco)
11. Indianapolis Oval (United States)
12. Mexico City (Mexico)
13. Kyalami (South Africa)
14. Adelaide (Australia)
15. Montreal (Canada)
16. Ahvenisto (Finland)
17. Mugello (Italy)

A very frustrating season for me, as evidenced by lack of race info, just lots of DNFs, and spent the rest of the time spinning and smoking (the car not me!), I've regained my sense of humour now, but there were times I considered quitting! :o

Testrack: Valencia (Spain) 11 Sessions. Fastest lap 1:34.882

Season 24: [Am-38]

Joined Team Edifice!
A far from impressive effort from me this season. Lost my driver I when could have been going for promotion, and made several silly mistakes too. Partly due to very busy workload, but not really good enough now that I have a team to answer to :-o

1. Melbourne (Australia) 11th -> 17th No risks, just test and training towards retainer at Monte Carlo
2. Interlagos (Brazil) 9th -> 11th Ditto
3. Buenos Aires (Argentina) 4th -> DNF (Brakes broke on Lap 67)
4. Imola (San Marino) 7th -> DNF (Gears broke on Lap 48)
5. Monte Carlo (Monaco) 2nd -> 1st!! My retaining race turned into my first win in amateur! It'll be the last for a while too, so I will try to savour it a bit :-)
6. Barcelona (Spain) Signed Tony Hamilton 18th -> 25th Going to be a long season lol
7. Montreal (Canada) 22 -> 30th
8. Magny Cours (France) 17 -> 25th
9. Silverstone (United Kingdom) 27th -> 8th! Partial wet race, gave it 40% risks to see if he could score points in the wet :-)
10. Hockenheim (Germany) 29 ->31st Back to earth with a bump :(
11. Hungaroring (Hungary) 26th ->31st Q2 with wrong tyres! Bozzo!!
12. Spa (Belgium) 27th -DNF (Engine broke, dropped out on Lap 30)
13. Monza (Italy) 23rd -> 28th
14. Nurburgring (Germany) 22nd ->21st
15. Suzuka (Japan) 25th -> 20th
16. Estoril (Portugal) 10th -> 13th Gave it 40%ct again in a full wet race but could only manage 13th, not good :(
17. A1-Ring (Austria) 26th -> 18th (only 21 cars finished! Half the rest were smokers too!)

Testrack: Mugello (Italy) 4 sessions. Fastest lap= 1:23.149

Season 23: [Am-38]

Well, I survived my fist season in Amateur solo! Just, mind you! One final big effort @ Silverstone saved me from the ignominy of an immediate return to rookie :()
S23 aim is simply to retain with a L6 car and a lot more cash, with an emphasis on driver training and testing. Let's see........

1. Kyalami (South Africa) 12->20th Solid if unspectacular Start!
2. Suzuka (Japan) 12->20th Ditto :-)
3. Brno (Czech Republic) 9->12th Totally lucked out, started with an engine @100% from testing, but benefited from the late rain ;-)
4. Spa (Belgium) 12->29 Letting her smoke while I save up a bit of cash
5. Paul Ricard (France) 17->35th Started to smoke on lap 10 and dropped out on lap 38 :*(
6. Monte Carlo (Monaco) Had to let her smoke again even though it was my drivers favourite track. Annoyingly, I missed the 110 limit
by 1! Yes 1, so I have to swap drivers next season, how irritating :*(
7. Hungaroring (Hungary) 3->6th Having done well here last time, this is my drivers unofficial favourite track. Good qually, followed by the wrong race strategy. Not sure why I decided to switch to a 2 stopper, I guess because I feared I would be too far off the pace to make it work. Never mind I did enough to retain again, it's just a shame I have to get a new driver next season or I might have been in a position to go for Pro :(
8. Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) 9->14th. lost 4 places at the start!?? Now in money saving mode, so foot off the gas, solid enough :-)
9. Yeongam (South Korea) 9->32nd I was hoping to get another decent finish here, but a random broke my front wing and gave me a puncture :(
10. Estoril (Portugal) 14->13th Cocked up both the fuel and tyre strategies, but got away with it (probably due to there being 9 smokers! :-))
11. Fiorano (Italy) 17->11th 1st time here, so should be pleased, but lost 2 places on the last lap, not happy :(
12. Bucharest Ring (Romania) (new track) 11->18th Badly warn car, did better than expected.
13. Poznan (Poland) 11->DNF Predictably dropped out after 26 laps.
14. Buenos Aires (Argentina) 4->13th Wasn't sure Hard tyres would go half distance, so plumbed for a 2 stopper. Ended stuck behind 4 1-stoppers and 3 smokers. Bad strategy :(
15. Brasilia (Brazil) 19->16th 1 stopper, another bad choice :(
16. Laguna Seca (United States) 23->18th Qualified with 5 mins to spare and in my haste forgot to switch to rain tyres for Q2, IDIOT!!!
17. Montreal (Canada) 21->28th Did Q2 on dry tyres again! But drooped out anyway :*(
A disappointing season in many respects, losing my driver didn't help. At least I managed to retain again.

Testtrack: Hockenheim (Germany) 6 sessions. Fastest Lap= 1:13.691 (Meds)

Season 22: [Am-38]

Aims: Try to both qualify and finish each race no worse than 24th to simply retain and save up some money. It's going to be a long hard season of careful money management balanced with the need to retain. (It became very quickly apparent that this wasn't going to be possible, so I switched to a big push towards the end in the hope I get one decent finish to make me safe)

1. Brno: Start 21st, finish 26th. Not a very encouraging start :(
2. Magny Cours (France) Start 21st again, finished 18th. Despite getting the rain tyres spot on, a disappointing 18th.
3. Suzuka (Japan) Start 25th, finished 34th! so far off the pace it just isn't funny :(
4. Shanghai (China) Best Qually so far not backed up in the race despite a long wet session, Broken Suspension (Lap 32) 14th -> 33rd.
5. Sepang (Malaysia) 32nd -> 30th. Just collecting data and training for the moment.
6. Irungattukottai (India) Broken Brakes Lap 46. 23rd -> 29th.
7. Yeongam (South Korea) 13th -> 26th Yawn........
8. A1-Ring (Austria) Started with Gears@ 95% and they duly broke on Lap 9. 18th -> 33rd
9. Barcelona (Spain) Last upgrade b4 I have to let it smoke for a few races. 17th -> 22nd
10. Zolder (Belgium) F.Wing broke lap 11. 27th -> 29th
11. Interlagos (Brazil) Eng Problem; lap 16, dropped out on lap 43. 27th -> 31st
12. Indianapolis (United States) Tried for a quickest lap with high risks and low fuel but crashed :() 30th -> 32nd
13. Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi) Started with 7 parts @99% Still got 9th in Qually!? 9th -> 29th
14. Silverstone (United Kingdom) Full repair job to L5 parts. 10th -> 6th! Hu-bloody-rah, 3 life-saving points :-))
15. Imola (San Marino) 13th -> 11th
16. Monte Carlo (Monaco) 11th -> 13th My 'Home' track did me no favours }:-(
17. Melbourne (Australia) Had to let it smoke after Silverstone effort. 5th -> 19th

Testrack: Istanbul (Turkey) 4 sessions. Fastest lap= 1:31.349 (Softs)

Season 21: [R-5]

Aims: Promote with $20m and a level 5 car :-)

1/ Hockenheim: 1st! Comfortable win by 54s! Great start to the season!!

2/ Hungaroring: 2nd! A very exciting race. Started 3rd on the grid with a gearbox at 83%. So I plumbed for a no risk 1-stopper and it
would have worked if not for a broken front wing seeing me pipped to the post on the last lap! Still 18 points after
two races is excellent! Very happy! Keep it going!

3/ Jerez: 5th Oh God it's a rain race! My worst fears came true, a race singularly designed to mess with my strategy. Still got away with
4 stolen points, onwards and upwards ;-)

4/ Monte Carlo: 2nd! A smoker 12 laps from the end robbed me of victory (perhaps I should have upgraded those brakes!? Nah, save
your money, wins are for show offs and egotists, I'll settle for promotion and the cash thanx ;-)

5/ Laguna Seca: 2nd! Another smoker 12 laps from the end, another 8 points, and a few more squid saved, well worth 2 points :D

6/ Mexico: 1st! My second win of the season was something of a surprise because I started with a very worn car and expected to turn
into a smoker at any moment! I then got stuck behind a one stopper for 15 laps and lost a lot of time allowing my
rivals to catch up, but the smoker never turned up and I romped home! 1st win from pole, very satisfying :-)

Made a stupid error by forgetting to extend my drivers contract before it got over 85, so having accumulated 48
points I decided to ditch him in favour of starting to train a new driver in the hope he will pick up 10 points or so
to guarantee promotion. It could come back to bit me on the arse lol, but I only need to come 4th ;-)

7/ Buenos Aires: 10th Disastrous start for my new guy, not helped by a failed strategy :( It can only get better for him.....hopefully ;-)

8/ Adelaide: 7th Only slightly better, choose to start on Extra Softs in the hope the rain would stay away for 10 laps, it didn't and my race was already over! Still 2 points might make all the difference come the end of the season ;-)

9/ Fuji: 12th :*( I knew from Q1 I was slower than 5 cars at least, but after a storming Q2 run I was hopeful of a few points, but too much rain and rising temps meant I had to stop a third time, although I was already 9th at that point so it was irrelevant :(
My driver switch seems less of a gamble now, and more foolhardy! I am going to have to play this right and get a bit of luck to promote this season!

10/ Spa: 15th :*( I went from 5th on the grid to 10th on the first lap, and closed the browser, i wasn't going to sit around and watch that rubbish.

11/ Estoril: 8th Almost a repeat performance, dropped from 5th on the grid to 11th on the first lap, and last after my one stop, but clawled it back to 8th. Could be worse, can't think how for the moment but i'm sure it could :-)

12/ Istanbul: 12th Another dreaded dry/wet race! Pushed too hard in Qualifying and ended up 7th on the grid, but given my new driver has a rather laid back attitude to the race start it hardly mattered lol. Usual crap start, but jumped from 13th to 3rd in the rain, and promptly dropped back to 12th when it stopped. Looks like I'm f****d unless we have a couple of complete rain races :*(

13/ Brands Hatch: 12th Another poor qually left me 12th on the grid, followed by yet another poor start, losing 2 places off the start! This is getting rather tedious! And a random ends any hope of points! My rival for that forth spot, Hendershott, had to stop on lap 74! Missing out on a certain 6 points! That could have been curtains to promotion had he held that spot!

14/ Monza: 9th A better qually, followed by a poor choice of strategy left me out of the points again. Still Henders only got 1. 9 point gaps now!

15: Sepang: 2nd Well it was wet/dry race, but not as we know it Jim! With race temps due to exceed 50º there is a lot of forum chat about tyre behaviour at these temps! After a blistering Q2 I started on pole and a full 18 wet laps saw me pull out a decent lead. After the switch to dry tyres I predictably lost the lead a few laps later but held on for 2nd. I am not mathematically promoted yet, but Silk or Hendershott must get a minimum of two 2nd placed finishes and hope I don't score any more points! Certainly not impossible, but if I get 5 points from the next two races I'm up whatever anyone else does! :-)

16: Sakhir: 13th How fffff annoying! The start tyres were still set to rain from Sepang, and I forgot to change them! ADMINS! This really ought to revert to the dry tyres at the beginning of each race, this must have caught out sooo many ppl, completely unnecessary! Sort it please!

17: Singapore: 7th A bit of a limp end to the season, I deliberately went with low risks to run on Softs, bad choice, nevertheless a bad spin dropped me from 5th to 9th and ended any chance of a decent finish. To be honest I am just too slow, which doesn't fill me with confidence going into amateur :(

Testrack: Magny Cours (France) 3 sessions. Fastest lap= 1:17.939 (Softs)

Season 20: [R-5]

My first! Some friends from my Old Yahoo team 'Slipstream Racing' had told me about this site years ago but I was too busy at the time, but remembered recently and decided to give it a go even though none of them seem to be here anymore!?

Anyway, it started with a win in my first proper race (Spa) I totally lucked out, i had set a 20 litre back up stop but inevitably messed it up so I had to stop 3 times at the end I think, how i won that i will never know lol. Since then though reality has set in and one error, random, or poor judgement after another sunk any promotions ideas I might have had, so i dumped my extortionately expensive driver 3 races from the end of the season and signed Lewis Perry, he's not perfect but seems to have a good start in some key areas (or at least what I understand to be key from my limited knowledge :-) He didn't have a chance to shine in his 3 races last season because I downgraded my engine to level 1 to stop me going in the red (my old driver cost a fortune to buy off!) but we'll see what he's made of this time around, if he doesn't show promise I will dump him even earlier this season in favour of getting a talented youngster to train up :-)

After my first win in my first proper race, I of course thought promotion was a certainty, it wasn't! There were some experienced drivers competing and a few already in teams, the benefits of which were clear to see! However, I am determined to get myself into amateur before I consider joining one - Thank you for all your offers btw, it's nice to feel wanted lol, but I really want to prove to myself as well as a prospective team I can get myself that far at least! If I can't I'm probably no good to you anyway ;-)

The added 'improvement' of favourite tracks brought in just after I had payed off my old driver and signed a new one was a tad annoying as obviously I would have taken that into consideration when choosing my driver! As it is I am stuck with a couple of b-league tracks that hardly ever appear on the calendar! Oh, well I will keep an eye on the other drivers favourites to see if they over-perform on them, but otherwise I will judge my driver on his overall performances on ALL the tracks! He has 10-12 races to show me he is capable of getting me at least as far as Amateur and ideally into Pro! If not, he knows what to expect ;-)