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Nama:Peter J Johansson
Negara: Sweden
Penyertaan:Feb 4, 2009
Interaksi terakhir: Jan 16 2015, 18:28:37
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Nombor GP:0 (535)
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Karier pengurus Peter J Johansson (Kemaskini terakhir: Nov 2 2012, 16:53:30)
A long time ago
on a racetrack far, far away...

an old racer entered the pits with his scruffy van and
ragged crew. They found an empty space down by the
corner, threw out some greasy gear to mark their new
home. With them was a short, stout italian guy named
Giorgio Barbazza.
At once they started to spend money like they've never
done anything else. Barbazza was put on hard training,
he had to fit in the team's so called racecar. The crew
went back to school to learn all about this new technology,
and soon the scrapheap looked almost like a real team.
But they ran out of money, Barbazza was out on deep
water, tried too much, knew too little.
After a long hopeless season with no rewards what so ever,
they knew they had to make changes. Out with the "hip"
stuff, no more partys at nights, no more fancy media
meetings. Soon the results came, and at the end of the
first season five points were collected.

Second season (14) was a little bit better, a podium was
the biggest achievment (the champagne bottle still has
its place on the manager's desk) and 16 points were coll-
ected. The team went global and together with some other
managers the Otterbrook Racing Team was created.
But still too much money was spent, and the season
was a lot about retired races and a fragile car. Barbazza
was given an opportunity he couldn't refuse, and a young
dutchman was hired instead.

This third season (15) started off with a new agenda,
Gijs Kool (the Flying Dutchman) was a big motivator for
the team.
The first win came in Spain, at the new Valencia track.
The points were coming more regularly, slowly the team
grew in both knowledge and reputation. Two more podiums
at the end of the season and still a healthy economy brings
the confidence of taking the next step, from Rookie to
A simple puncture ended my promotion plans, I gambled
the last two races and put all my chips on an updated fresh
car, spent just enough money on improving the facilities so I
would end up on a positive account at the end of the final race.
All I needed was a sixth place in the last race, to get myself
amongst the top four. A healthy car and a safe-driving pilot
would make our day, but no way. When in 2nd position a
random puncture put the car beside the track. And a 6th position
in the final standings (5th because of a negative manager) was
the reward.
Well, time to get really pissed, and hope tomorrow will be a better day.

After spending a helluva lot of money on repairing our facilities
after the "sorrow party" last season, we've returned full of
confidence. Our lesson has been learned, we'll never ever make
the same mistakes again so the 16th season will be knowned as
"The return of the Jedi"
Hrm, I guess we got something wrong here...

The Team Strikes Back!
Armed to the teeth with rookie-experience the Team entered
the 16th season with only one goal in mind - Promotion!
The competition was fierce, but the young Rider from the
Dutch marshlands soon took command and never lost his
way. The mantra was echoing: -Stay on target, stay on target!
The victories and podiums kept us company most of the
season, the occational dropout was inevitable but could be
Besides collecting points and podiums, the main focus was to
keep a healthy economy and use the Black Book of GPRO
Rules to the max. The results came, winning Rookie -57 and
the internal Cup was important milestones for the young
Rider and his Team. Now he is set for bigger tasks, and a
new arena with tough combattants will prove us worthy of the
title Amatueur of GPRO.
- Amateur -38! We call you out! The race is on!!

Soon it turned out to be big words from a small team, with nothing
more than an eleventh position to show as best. The competition
was fierce, the focus was set on an economic approach and the
goal was to stay put in Amateur. (And a handful of points of course.)
Well, the lesson is learned, and the 18th season will be known as
The Revenge of the Team!

18th season as an Amateur was a small success, collecting points in
the first two races. Safe and sound, the strategy was to keep a healthy
economic agenda and just see through the season. Promo to Pro wasn't
on the schedule at all, but racing was still boiling in the blood!!!
Soon the money went the wrong direction, and after an unfortunate
puncture early in a race the path was set. It was hard to earn money
with an outdated car and when the driver became too good to offer a
new contract the team had to look elsewhere for a new driver.
Soon a real rookie turned up, expensive and a reputation worthy of a
Mötley Crue member. He hardly could find his way down in cockpit, and
had trouble finding the right pedals at the right time. One race was what
he got, then my foot found his behind. Next driver, please!

For the 19th season I was really lucky to hire my favourite driver once again,
Gijs Kool decided he'd give our team another try. But this year was really not
the best for us, we didn't score anything better than 12th place. Until the
last race...then everything fell into place! With a newly repaired car and a
really focused driver we managed to score our first points for the season!
A fifth place took us to 18th position in total, and we stay on for another
season in Amateur-38.
A new hope!

20th season started well with a few valuable points. At least the team is safe
for another Amateur season. Our driver Gijs Kool is really cool, slowly getting
better and better. He's got his sights for a Pro season in the near future, let's
hope we will be able to give him what he wants!
An excellent ending of the season earned another handful of valuable points,
which will support the poor economy of our little team. Gijs Kool is on top and
will be the best driver next season, let's hope the car will be able to live up to
his demands. Then we'll walk away with the trophy...

Entering the 21st season as a member of a "real" team, Team Hesketh. This is
a very valuable asset, being member of a good team.
First race started well with 3rd, then there was a bad strike of races where
the qually went well, but the races looked like a sunday trip by the local church.
But in Mexico we finally struck gold, and could taste the winner's champagne
for the first time in Amateur!

A tough season. Very hard competitors, and bad management made the 22nd
season i Amateur a season to forget. Even though very good teamwork from
Team Hesketh, it took forever before we managed to grab the "lifeline" 2 pts.
Another valuable lesson learned. Never underestimate the competition!

Season 23. Now we're talking! Doing a lot better in Amateur. getting to know how
to do it. Got a new driver, trained him well and he pays off. Heading for season 24
with only one goal, promotion!

This was the season when Team Hesketh really got things working! I'm so happy
to be part of this marvelleous gang of dedicated managers from all over the world.
I learned a lot, hopefully even did some contribution to the team.
Got some wins under the belt, made it to 2nd place in the final standings.
Unfortunately my driver got too good so I couldn't retain him anymore. But he got
me to Pro, let's hope the new driver will keep me alive in this the first Pro season!

Entered season 25 with good spirit, good economy and a new driver. The competition
was fierce, first race I ended up in 31st place. Hrm, where did the speed go? The
season went on, didn't do much betterthan somewhere between 20-30 place on the
grid or in the races. Did a lot of testing to try to get some "free" performance. But the
races didn't go any better. The last race was the best, with a 17 place to show.
Back to the future! Now I'll take better notice of Team Hesketh's collected data and
really take advantage of our knowledge.

Back in Amateur for season 26. I'll stay for at least three seasons, build up more
experience and hopefully make better use of the Hesketh data so I can be better
prepared for promotion in the future.

Well, the three seasons could really be called the three stooges! Not a lot happened
until the beautiful Natasha Regazzoni entered the team! The motivation among the
mechanichs and team went sky high as soon as she wore her overall. Fire proof? It
surely must have been, as she was the hottest driver Ama-28 ever had!
She almost took us to Pro in the 31st season, if it hadn't been for "that" brake failure
at one of the last races... Now she was way out of our league, so she left at the
beginning of the next season.

We had to hire an old portuguese for a race until the charming yankee Grant Kite
came along. Season 32 was quite OK, we got to know each other and made up plans
for the future. Season 33 will be a building season to gain enough muscles to sweep
Ama-28 in season 34. So far we've only lost out on pole position once, on the other
hand that was the race whenGrant took his first cap trick (Grid 2nd, 2nd fastest lap,
2nd on the podium).