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Liveri kereta
Renault R30 2010
Nama:Shiraj Sengupta
Negara: India
Penyertaan:Jul 1, 2009
Interaksi terakhir: Jan 25 2019, 11:25:06
Kiriman Forum:1431  (Lihat kiriman)
Trofi GPRO: 0
Nombor GP:0 (557)
Mata diperolehi:0 (1023)
Kemenangan:0 (26)
Podium:0 (84)
Posisi Pole:0 (51)
Lap terpantas:0 (10)
Prt mata/perlumbaan: - (1.84)
Persijilan: Pengurus ini telah berjaya lulus ujian persijilan GPRO! (Jul 23, 2009)

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GP Pertama: Musim 15, Perlumbaan 6
Masa log:13385
Masa di GPRO:4550 jam
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Karier pengurus Shiraj Sengupta (Kemaskini terakhir: Nov 4 2012, 08:36:32)
Season 15:
1st Race:Paul Ricard GP(France)..R6
1st Point:Hungaroring GP(Hungary)..R12
1st Podium:Singapore GP(Singapore)..R16

Got my certification.
Back to back podiums
Joined e-lemon-ators

A satisfactory debut overall.

Season 16:
Shifted to Rookie 246 from Rookie 67 to race with my friends.
Focus was on developing my driver, though managed to secure some points despite the randoms - 4 to be precise.
Getting promoted though finances would be pretty tight in amateur but it shouldn't be that tough. right? :/
N yes, my maiden victory still eludes me which was within my grasp had it not been for the the 4th random of the season..arghh

Season 17:
A brand new season, checking my A-29 compatriots as of now.can't wait for the the races to start.
Not that bad a race for my 1st amateur one but could have been better :/
going as per plans; slowly building up for the latter half of the season
R5; Jerez: got my 1st point;confident of getting similar performances in the remaining races,thereby cementing my place at amateur.
Joined Smoking Aces. A well balanced active team - a homecoming ;)
Avoided the drop quite comfortably though I screwed up my finances yet again:/ Need to be careful the next season

Season 18:
R1...First amateur podium :)
the remaning races have been dreadful so far - RANDOMS....arrrghhh
The unluckiest season till now....having some problem or the other every other race :/
Despite that, managed a few pole positions. Worked on the driver in the latter stages so as to be able to take him to Pro in S20.
Season ends...things haven't been that bad.

Season 19:
This is my supposed season where I make the push..let's see how that goes...
Have got a couple of podiums...
Made a school boy error in Brno where I ran the whole race on dries when it was wet..need to be more careful...barring that & one fuel problem in one of the race, season going pretty strongly as accepted.
Promotion seems to be a realistic target...going there with minimal risks
R16: My 1st victory ever. Special to have got it at my home track :)
& promotion it is...driver's ready for the higher's a bit dodgy though :/

Season 20:
Promoted to P-11. Know a few managers from my lower leagues...would be fun racing against them.
R1: A random..what a way to start the season off :/
Undergoing testing & building my car slowly.
Left Smoking Aces due to inactivity issues in the team; looking for a new challenge now. Joined New Blood.
R3: Got my car to the level required. A good strong qualifying. Hopefully, first point for the season in this race, only to be outdone by the 2nd random of the season :(
R6:Got my 1st point in Pro. Retention seems to be a realistic target. Need to test like crazy.
New Blood didn't live to my expectations & hence decided to start a team with a friend of mine. Joined Lightning Hawks.
As of now, looking for a few points in the upcoming races so as to guarantee a retention. Looking for some suitable candidates for the team.
Got 2 points before the last race of the season. Temp was perfect for Pips in the last race. Sadly, was outta town & couldn't compete properly. Relegation now. Hope to get back up the higher berths in GPRO pretty soon :)

Season 21:
Back in Ama.
Hoping for an immediate promotion
Started quite strongly but things didn't go as per plans & had to settle with the 7th position.

Season 22:
New driver; going with the flow.
Took over the reigns of Lightning Hawks after Dan left the game.
Livery for the team up - waiting for the 6th member now :)
Signed a neat driver which would ensure me promotion in the next season.

Season 23:
Can't wait for the season to start. Have got major plans & can't wait for them to implement. Aiming to clinch promotion.
Team developing strong. Proud to be the leader of LH.
Started the season with a win. Looking good so far.
Race 4: Tire puncture. Randoms just have to happen when I am pushing for promotion. :|
A few more randoms see me down to 5th now. Haven't lost hopes of a promotion yet. Confident of getting good results once the driver's moti shoots up.
Just 2 races remain; getting very close for the last promotion spot. Hoping things pan out my way.
Unluckiest season ever - plagued by randoms. Had a couple at the penultimate race sliding me down to 5th at the last race & thereby out of promotion.

Season 24:
Another season stuck at Ama. Current driver has a contract till the 1st 12 races. Hoping to score as many points as possible to secure a promotional berth by then. Season having gone as expected. Notched up good points by the end of R12. Time to relax & save money. Looking to promote with 85+ bank balance. Looks to be a realistic target. And SUCCESS.

Season 25:
LH now has the complete set of 10 managers. Things looking really good on that front.
Back in Pro. The second stint to be hopefully better than the earlier one. Aiming to score retention points in the 1st half of the season & then test like crazy in the latter half
R1: Amazing start to the season. Finished 4th & got the FL as well.
Good strong season. Secured enough points for retention by R5. Focusing on driver to get him prepared for the push next season. Gotta start building CCPs through testing as well. Retained quite easily in the end.
LH finished 76th as well. :)

Season 26:
Season to focus primarily on building car to get the car ready for Masters. That means loads of testing. Got 2 tracks in the season as my driver's favourite, so retention should be a breeze. Got a pretty neat driver with me as well. Planning to push for promotion next season. Got a podium as well. Car getting developed nicely. LH doing really nice. Have 2 vacancies unfortunately but still going strongly.

Season 27:
Was supposedly my promotion season to Master. A few cock-up strategies & eventually RL issues were too much to cope to. Stepped down as leader of LH. Planning on going back to Rookie to get back motivation.

Season 28:
Got Dan back in the team as well. Looking to rebuild the team. Hoping for a good start to the season. Resetted with Mark in the same league - should be fun :D
On the market for a decent driver now

Season 32:
The past 4 seasons were more like a chore. Lost interest towards the game & left subsequently. Back now, with the same level of enthusiasm. Activity slightly reduced but feels to be back home. Season's going strong - promotion shouldn't be a bother. Looking for a decent team to ply my trade. Things looking pretty suave right now. :D

Constructors with Arrows in F1FG S43 
Winner of F1FG S47
Winner of F1FG S58
Winner of 10,000th Qualified Manager Contest