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Generic white livery
Nama:Zé Pedro Paula
Negara: Mozambique
Penyertaan:Mac 15, 2020
Interaksi terakhir: Semalam pada 22:59:07
Kiriman Forum:146  (Lihat kiriman)
Trofi GPRO: 0
Nombor GP:5 (21)
Mata diperolehi:25 (48)
Kemenangan:1 (1)
Podium:1 (3)
Posisi Pole:0 (0)
Lap terpantas:1 (2)
Prt mata/perlumbaan: 5 (2.29)
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GP Pertama: Musim 75, Perlumbaan 2
Masa log:348
Masa di GPRO:327.4 jam
Tarikh lahir: -
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Game data overview

Kumpulan:Rookie - 62
Kedudukan musim:4
Wang: $??.???.???
Pemandu: Jim Lancaster (99)
P. Tek.: Tiada
Keseluruhan kakitangan:11
Tayar: Pipirelli
Nama pasukan: -
Kedudukan pasukan:0
Mata pasukan:


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Karier pengurus Zé Pedro Paula (Kemaskini terakhir: Semalam pada 14:10:01)
McLaren fan.
And my... "friend" is imaginary. As well as... most part of our relationship.

Rookie Level - The Orphanage 'A Special Place'

Newbie Rookie Undetailed Tips
Rookie: You choose the race dry tyres in Q1. Or Q2 if want wet tyres in Q1.
Pro: Mark race 10 on your calendar and save all analysis before this race.

S1.2 - The first victim of a battle is the battle plan itself

Season "2" starts here. It's really season 2 since we only missed the first race of the previous season, but who had to cope with all the games' little non-senses, we feel that this is our real 1st season and can call the previous season a preseason, only with a little advantage of having clear out quite a few rookie level killing "features". That's what Rookies go throw in their first seasons. Clueless into a preseason or learning.

The Bo$$ was short and enigmatic, "We are in business and we are going to start from scratch and go 'Absolute Rookie Full Mode'. With a new driver we are going to be in Amateur in 2 seasons. And with profit. You can mark my words". We hope so, "ex-CFO", can't tell you about the driver's profile but we have to mean business for 2 full seasons for sure. We' ready. Otherwise is looking for a team.

R17 - The Boredom before... the Pleasant Surprise

Day 2: Boring again. The crew started cleaning the brand new tools and daydreaming about pit-stop records. We should be all in Anders... storp... torp... in Sweden by now! Having fun and working hard already.

We have a driver, Jim Lancaster. The final piece and biggest asset. The Bo$$ as always broke the ice...kind of. "Jim, the champion and Lancaster, the noble. Will reign supreme and be the next British legend in the Circus." Jim looked a bit clueless about the Jim, the Champion. The only time he lost a bit his "smile". He has a track record of 1 race! When we went to see the facilities and the new car Jim asked his Agent "Did he mean James or Jackie, dad?", "No. Clark.". "Clark Lancaster? But he said Jim.".

There was a few surprises, Jim got his enhanced smile back and a blink in the eye looking at the car. A gold blink?
Everybody is on board and on the same page and we are going northbound to let Jim and the crew get acquaintance with the car and equipment. Well, not quite well. The Bo$$, had some issues with his own ideas and demands.
- "When is the car painted yellow again?"
- "It's white."
- "Oh, I thought it was the base coat. And why we changed to white? Are we surrendering or something, '[/iSun Tzu'?"
- "That's because you forgot the car color after we restored it in your cousin's garage out of the junkyard. And we changed because you said that everything would start from scratch and be like a 'White Canvas' this season."
- "Oh... right, now I picked the color..."
- "No, you picked the name of the 'new' car but we can change for 'Yellow Canvas' if you like. Still a canvas but not empty."
- "You're so funny that I can't remember why I hire you. No, I like it. Looks more like... a Formula Amateur car, more... intimidating. And we don't waste money anymore. Are you sure that under that paint it's all... 'white canvas'?"
- "'Bo$$', you hired me because you wanted to have a Formula Elite team and had nobody to trust and run it except your best friend, just because he made you a marble races champion... after me. And if I could I would make 'the already bought 2nd hand Formula Rookie car' look like the junk before the coat. Love to... surprise people."
- "OK, whatever. Just keep within the budget. Ah, and did I pick the overalls' color too or are we supporting some kind of cause?"
- "No, that's for the better pit-stop times you requested."
. "Alright! I get it, now no more Rumble in the Jungle."
- "Royal Rumble."
- "Whatever, you could start to call me 'Boss' more times.".
- "No problemo. As soon as we get to Elite and you pay me my 1% back and start to pay a salary for my 'wealthy retirement'. I quit my job remember?"
- "No one asked you to quit your job. I knew it right when the engine finally started and you said that it was true resurrection and even your job was starting to feel a little bit boring. You looked like you just escaped a rusty gutter.
- "And starting to work in a couple of hours. Boss!. Speaking about work. Where is your 'mechanical genius cousin'? 'Just a little crazy?' Who jumps onto an engine and starting to try to shake it and screaming 'Staaart!... Staaart!...'. I'm glad that I only told him that the pit stop girls weren't exactly inside the box hanging out with the crew, after the car started. You never bring down the motivation of someone working for you. I could not stand hearing about 'the money' and 'the girls' and crawling all over the dead 'heart of the car' and sucking and blowing into 'the veins' anymore. I still believe that it was all a miracle. Or... destiny. Have to go racing with you again."
- "This will be better than the park bikes."
- "What you're talking about? We already did better. We were third then. But having the big guys all around our bike in the end was priceless. Even you could keep the pace in the straight. They just had legs and no time for their top speed. We did scored more points that last championship before the motorcycles craze" ...

We start like last race. In the best grid position ever. 3rd. 2nd ever and in a row. And best Q1, - 0.050s than a super rookie ex-Amateur (and S17 Master) in a great McRalen Marlrobo classic livery. 366 GP's and driver with more 20 races than Jim. Jim starts the season and almost his 1 race career with 74 OA points. Now, it's the strategy moment...
This is the one to watch. Even it's only the rear.

I had already to shout with the Bo$$ to stop talking and saying that we can win and repeating "in 3rd Jim Lancaster, the noble champion mounted on the White Canvas, a pure blood Lusitanian '. But we do this since the day we met. Last time we won was marbles! And there is rain and it can happen a lot of gambling. The cards look much better than I was expecting. We are calling all the bets in round one.
Rookie Level/Game wise it's a 25% increase from 12 cars last 1st race to 15. With 3 more possible active managers for next races.

A very good display from Jim. Now I get his lack of smiling. During pit stops he looked like a statue attached to the car and his eyes all the time on front wing sign. He is all focus. 4th place in his 2nd ever race. Inside the green zone where we wanted to be and expected much later than this. But this is just the first round of game 76 and there are new players on the board. But we have been scoring for 3 races now and with a little bit less bad luck it could be 6. We believe that we can keep this average even with an absolute rookie driver.
On lap 17 he had a "John Watson moment" overtaking 2 cars in two consecutive turns. And on lap 38 took the P2 at 2.247s from the leader and being the fastest on track, closed the difference in two laps to 0.291s glued to a factory McRalen. The crowds sounded clueless in awe... like wondering if that was... Stig himself or something. And then... it was pit stop. Of course.

In the middle of the celebrations, the Bo$$ had another of his "fun pranks". He wanted to change the contract. Just wanted to have another minor option. Be able to kiss me if he couldn't help himself. He showed me the bill too and said 'You said we would start from the bottom and the only way was up, and that you never failed me.'

R18 - Back to where we left

This race was more of the expected. We came from 9th in the grid to 6th in the finish line. We keep scoring every race but that's not a given yet. Or will never be. Our first 2nd place with Pierre was "weather luck". The second 2nd was intentionally the Gino's "farewell party". This makes Jim's 4th in last race a bigger achievement for the team, but we regard it as an exception. Jim is no Gino yet, but after a timid start in the race we started "doing our thing". We keep the 4th in the standings but we really not expected this so soon. We can live with this new normal. And aim for more instability above. This season is showing to be more competitive and the competition is not in a stand still. Nor do we.

R19 - We shall meet again, weatherman.

The Bo$$ can hardly understand why his weather app is not always accurate on predictions let alone the race weather report.
- "Look at this graph."
- "What's that? We are not going to spend that much that late."
- "It's not the expenses. It's the rain probability for the race."
- "Ah yes, I know."
- "What you mean? Now you understand this... 'nerd thing'?"
- "... yes and no. No one can understand that the probability at 30 minutes will free fall from at least 90% to at most 25%. And then will shoot up from at most 25% to at least 60%. If it was to 0% or 100% it would be just a point within the period. Being a range it will probably the whole period."
- "So, it will be another lottery we can be 2nd again or 12th?"
- "No, this time is more like roulette. You spread your chances as much as you can and wait for a better round to... bet a bigger stack in just one color."
- "Well, at least we are 100% sure that we will win this first cup race, unless someone comes back to life."
- "Yes, expectations are this whole round is clear and we can even get "lucky" and clear the 2nd in the exact same way. Unfortunately, I hate to compete against dead ducks."

3rd again. The 3rd time. In a grid with 1 more car. We can get used to this. We are not as fast as last time. Let's see what we can bring to the race. If we can keep within the wolves' pack the whole season. Since it's... "cruising speed" from now on. And no "farewell party" in the last race.

Sheer luck on a table full of bets. We guessed the number. Otherwise it would be some points anyway. Most probably 4th again, or even a 3rd. We were going to pit, as well as the current leader, but he pitted in the wrong lap and we had beaten the factory McRalen fair and square earlier.
The data looked really bad for the last handful of laps. So bad that everybody was praying for rain with little hope since the data on the race weather was not any better. The McRalen could have taken it again if it wasn't for the weather and had not wait for 1 lap before pit stop.
We love you too, Ahvenisto. We were 140th in this Rookie's Big Race. Team Museum open.

R20 - Soon we can start drinking

Last race was the last with "extra" spending. And we planned to make 12 points this race. First quarter of the season. We have 18 already. Plans to double the last season's 23 points this season, by race 16, is going quite well. 46 points looks so achievable that we are going to try to triple them to... (calculating) 69 points in only 15 races.
So, on race 5 we need all the points from the whole last season. That would put us in the next "level". The level with 4 promoted rookies and 7 relegated amateurs that we might take a while to get rid of and get to the other side. Getting back to this side and below the green zone of this group is a big possibility that we are going to try to avoid at all costs.
One more free money rookie season would do us a lot of good before starting jumping steps.

We start "in the points" again. And we look fast "again". Last race we didn't look but pulled the fastest lap for our 2nd time. But this is Monaco!
We were delighted to finish the season in Kyalami. But we were aiming to try to get between 6th and 8th often and try our best in the last race again. Which had to be a 1st since we were "only" 2nd last season. But now we are trying to be between 4th and 6th and Kyalami can be the promotion race. For that we need to be as good as well where 'the myths race'. The Bo$$ is much quieter now. But this is the 'prince of the races', would be very, very good to do well here'.

Monaco was also great. We dropped one position in the championship but we got another 4th and achieved the upgraded goal of 23 points in the 5th race. So, next race we can go on holidays or... try... a new stunt. We only have rookie time for experimentation and we look to be halving it to just 1 season. No more free money for "parties". It's a bet and we also need another kind of data. We are still going for points and the bigger the points the better.

R21 - The experiment

Since we already have the 23 points that we wanted to have this race, we are going to try something new and almost opposing our... "Watsonian" strategy thought. Not that we are going to race relaxed but we are going to "stop in all the pubs in the street"... can be a really big... hangover too.

We had our season's grid parking spot. 3rd time 5 grids. Will take this spot every grid of the season. But the top of the grid is a bit upside down to say so. So not only us trying to make the race more interesting. We just hope to not play the clown in this one. Let's... "party" then...

It was another interesting race with many different strategies and lessons learned, even a couple unexpected, and our 3P strategy for 2 seasons (meanwhile turned into a 1 season strategy) just a bit scratched.
1st P for Points, we got them with our worst position this season. 2nd P for Profit we failed since we successfully started it 2 races ago. And still in the 3rd P zone but losing ground in the two ends. Above and below. We pitted in the last laps so as a few managers with other strategies. Could have been better just regarding the points.
We already have 2 of the next 23 points we aim to make in the next 5 races. We better get a couple of podiums for that.

S1 - Season Zero

- Dear Newbie Rookie, please understand that you are here for the good of higher interests and you should be glad for this sacrifice and say "Ave Elites, we who are about to die salute you". Worry not. It will be just a little amount of trauma. No one really dies. And you will become one of them. Eventually. Be optimist and strong. Don't quit. That's... like... dying.

- You should not start the game in Supporter status. If you really want everyone to have a taste of it, make it mandatory after race 10.
- Default dry tyre should be Medium. Many Newbies only get around this (race dry tyres choice) after a couple of races.
- [Breweing] Resets should be only for the under 30 million in money. (have to see this yet)

FOBY Riddlet: Find the "Machines' Site" to open the "Elite Sky". Can be done by meeting a "Wizard" but it's not so fast. And beware of the "Zealots in the Assembly", for they can turn you into a "Denial Zombie" for their flock with their fine "Rhetorical Sophisms".

The game is fun (and good) but the status quo is not.

R1 - Blindfold

Rookies be like:
1st race , 10th race .

There is no such a thing as "lottery weather". Only drunken weather reporter reports.
It's official: there is no lottery weather. Maybe one anomaly some time.

This country is still not for Newbie Rookies.

R10 - The Farewell

Farewell default driver Pierre Hahne, thank you for the 11 points and 1 podium, and farewell to the compulsory Supporter status I never requested.

R11 - The Restart

The game starts at race 11. For whoever survived so far.

Going to 11th race:
- Just in my group 2 (possibly 3 because missing a race may not be a quit) quit after 2 races. In less than 20 active managers each race. Biggest race was 21 cars. They gave it a try for sure.
- The loss of data doesn't look as bad as it promised to be. So far.
- Lost my flag livery too. Loved that distinct multi-color retro Benetton look.

* Getting a first new driver of choice
* Starting the real free game

+ All the above expectations
+ Most races have new managers
+ New car livery. All yellow with dashes of black. No, it's not going submarine. Lighter colors look better on cars because they show more volume (lights and shadows).

Welcome to your home Gino Massa. We are going to rock the group. No, the game! Very good qualify. Let's race! Let's... restart!
Could have been a better restart but we made two small mistakes. Anyway, the team morale went up and we will improve until the end of the season to start attacking the points more often.

R12 - Trailing the Pack

First points for Gino just on his 2nd race in the team.
Great job. Scoring every other race?! Great average too. So far... :-)
Making risky bets with the fuel costed us 1 point. No biggie.

R13 - Almost Lucky

It could have been a lucky race but was another 11th.
The fuel was "so right" that we almost got the second best result of the career and we could also have scored twice in a row for the first time.
It's common sense, for ordinary people, that the weather reporter is a bit peculiar and had we a bit more "safety" fuel and would be celebrating big time!

R14 - The Breakdown

Not many conclusions to take from the strategy.
Since, from 11th in the grid to 4th (actually 3rd in a section of the lap), came out from my only pit-stop on 12th and when in 11th and expecting another half race up the ladder and into the points, on lap 55 the brakes broke down completely, and with it the engine went to waste too (makes all the sense but the Bo$$ will not like it) in the last 17 laps.
Série Noir? Our race before breakdown sends good signs. Morale keeps mounting.

R15 - The Rehearsal

Point for Gino. Yes, and for the team too. This is what could have easily happened in the last couple of races, scoring. But, next race is the last for Gino with us and we want him to... win! If possible. He got to amateur level and we will try to get him a podium. Even if it has to rain exactly when we make a pit-stop. We will toast all the remaining money for it. Obviously!

R16 - 35.238 Seconds from Glory

Attempt to contract the new driver before the last race of the season "failed". It's against the rules. It's probably cheating "save a bad manager no market time", in the elites obviously. The driver won't be available next season. Next season didn't start yet but it's already being a failure. Work scrapped and back to scouting.

Moving on! We just got our best grid position ever, also because 2 usual contenders didn't even qualify (another dirty little trick to learn from probably). Nothing new for Gino since he has 3 pole positions. If we finish in this position we will get to our second ever podium and add another to his sheet. He is all pumped up and looks like is going to burst into the Pro level in just one race.

Race and season are over. Congratulations to the winner of both, Jonatha . I wish I get as good as you in my second season too. You gave us no chances in this last race. Half a second per lap. See you in Amateur in the next... couple of seasons.

We got 2nd and fastest lap. The Bo$$ told me to add this, in a breathless hoarse whisper: "Gino! Gino! Gino!". He started the party a little earlier before the race finish. Because... you should take a look at the bill. He says "it's not my money yet". This car "doesn't exist" in the real game right now. We are going back to... Restart mode again. A self inflicted Reset too this time around.