Phantom Racing ™

David BrennanTianhao ChenBrendon AveryMark JeacockEduardo Sanchez CarenzoDeepak KarDave MaherKenneth EkerMato NikicErwin Verkade

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Liveri pasukan:

Nama pasukan: Phantom Racing ™
Laman web pasukan: Tiada
Ditubuhkan: Musim 9, Perlumbaan 1
Kejuaraan: 0
Kemenangan Piala Kalah Mati: 1
Mata keseluruhan: 30,973.18
Purata mata/perlumbaan: 28.49
Purata mata/musim: 484.40
Purata posisi kedudukan: 53.66
Mata terbanyak dalam satu perlumbaan: 58.60 (Musim 20, Perlumbaan 1)
Kedudukan musim: 20
Mata musim: 500.7328
Pencapaian pasukan:

38% dibukakunci

Ahli terbanyak di Elit: 4 (Musim 15, Perlumbaan 1)
Ahli dibawa ke Elit: 17
Bilangan perlumbaan diwakili dalam:
Keputusan kumulatif:
Keputusan musim ini:
Bilangan penyokong: 8
Kekosongan: 0

Ahli pasukan

Tempat Kew Nama pengurus Kumpulan Sumbangan
01. David Brennan Pro - 7 11.5% (4.9%)
02. Tianhao Chen Master - 2 10.8% (7.4%)
03. Brendon Avery Pro - 20 10.9% (3.2%)
04. Mark Jeacock Amateur - 76 7.4% (2.3%)
05. Eduardo Sanchez Carenzo Master - 3 15.1% (2.7%)
06. Deepak Kar Amateur - 39 8.6% (1.8%)
07. Dave Maher Amateur - 76 8.1% (1.8%)
08. Kenneth Eker Amateur - 70 9.8% (1.6%)
09. Mato Nikic Amateur - 84 9.2% (1.4%)
10. Erwin Verkade Amateur - 3 8.5% (0.4%)

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Livery and Banner created by the wonderful Flo Caro. Her patience is legendary !!

The Phantom

And in time there was a son. In time that son begat another, and thereafter that son begat again. After a while, there arose a dynasty of Phantoms, one after another, born into the legend then reared and rigorously drilled in the disciplines and the duties.

His home is the fearsome "Skull Cave garage" deep in the heart of his jungle. His only intimates have been the faithful TD, his great white car HERO, his savage staffs, team DEVIL

When the Phantom leaves the jungle, he dresses as a racing driver and wears a helmet. Even the creators of the GPRO, the paramilitary peacekeeping squad an ancestor had organized some years ago, have never seen the faces of these mysterious managers...

Racing drivers driving like thieves and smugglers, all have met the Phantom from Rookies to Elite, and all have tasted their speed.

Performance of the season:

T.Panag M-4 S33
T.Panag Elite S34
J.Lopez M-1 S35
J.Lopez Elite S36
M.Poldma P-19 S37
N.Ivanov P-3S38
M.Poldma M-1 S39
P.Cote M-2 S40

T.Chen A-101 S41
S.Warrier P-13 S42
T.Sydanmetsa Elite S43
T.Panag M-1 S44
T.Panag M-1 S45
S.Warrier Elite S46
J.Lopez P-4 S47
T.Chen M-1 S48
D.Brennan P-12 S49
J.Lopez M-3 & T.Sydanmetsa A-57 S50

R.Meessen P-15 S51
R.Meessen P-15 S52
N.Ivanov P-19 S53
N.Ivanov M-5 S54
T.Sydanmetsa M-3 S55
N.Ivanov M-5 S56
M.Cresswell P-23 S57
B.Avery P-6 S58
B.Avery M-1 S59
E.Sanchez Carenzo P-24 S60

S61- Present
B.Avery M-1 S61
D.Kar A-104 S62
M.Jeacock P-20 S63
M.Jeacock M-1 S64
D. Maher P-9 S65
M. Jeacock M-1 S66
M. Nikic A-78 S67
D. Brennan A-14 S68
T. Chen A-23 S69
D. Brennan P-2 S70
T. Chen P-7 S71