Sjaan Titaan Racers

Stephen BewersChris AdnamsThomas PittsVin StruderMarc SchokkerAndy DowsonMark PinnickAndy KrämerWarwick TaylorBruno Machado

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Liveri pasukan:

Nama pasukan: Sjaan Titaan Racers
Laman web pasukan:
Ditubuhkan: Musim 67, Perlumbaan 1
Kejuaraan: 0
Kemenangan Piala Kalah Mati: 0
Mata keseluruhan: 2,669.57
Purata mata/perlumbaan: 17.00
Purata mata/musim: 289.06
Purata posisi kedudukan: 249.50
Mata terbanyak dalam satu perlumbaan: 34.60 (Musim 75, Perlumbaan 15)
Kedudukan musim: 80
Mata musim: 94.4667
Pencapaian pasukan:

14% dibukakunci

Ahli terbanyak di Elit: 0
Ahli dibawa ke Elit: 0
Bilangan perlumbaan diwakili dalam:
Keputusan kumulatif:
Keputusan musim ini:
Bilangan penyokong: 10
Kekosongan: 0 (Tiada permohonan diterima)

Ahli pasukan

Tempat Kew Nama pengurus Kumpulan Sumbangan
01. Stephen Bewers Pro - 5 23.5% (16.9%)
02. Chris Adnams Pro - 13 3% (12.1%)
03. Thomas Pitts Amateur - 22 9.3% (10.4%)
04. Vin Struder Amateur - 15 6.8% (10.5%)
05. Marc Schokker Amateur - 30 12.4% (8.2%)
06. Andy Dowson Amateur - 75 6.9% (9.7%)
07. Mark Pinnick Pro - 6 0.8% (10%)
08. Andy Krämer Amateur - 11 14% (6.6%)
09. Warwick Taylor Amateur - 13 15.9% (9.7%)
10. Bruno Machado Amateur - 81 7.3% (0.8%)

Logo pasukan

Maklumat  |   Stat ahli  |   Pencapaian  |   Sejarah  |   Situasi  |   Pelawat
We are Sjaan Titaan Family, consisting of Sjaan Titaan Racing (STR) and Sjaan Titaan Racers (STR). Basically we are one team with 20 spots ;) We are a strong team of enthusiastic, ambitious managers. We stick together, we are laid back.

We do appreciate interaction and banter about strategy, races, random stuff and the weather.

Sjaan Titaan Racers: /gb/TeamProfile.asp?TeamId=2338
Sjaan Titaan Racing: /gb/TeamProfile.asp?TeamId=1376

And YES, we are recruiting!
We are looking for friendly, active, fun managers who play this game as a game, check in on our external forum and chat daily (oh well, we won't kick you out if you miss a day or two ;) we're not like that...).
We love our team livery and in order to run it we prefer managers with supporter status.
You need to be able to run Google Chrome on windows (why?, wut? -> pm!)
You don't miss races and you have a plan. You are willing to share your data and discuss your plans and theories.
If you have tons of experience, great! If you have recently joined the game, no problem. Convince us you are committed to the game (it's a looooong term game) and you'll be welcome.
We don't mind if you are in Rookie or Elite right now, we do mind where you are heading... If you want to join us on our trip to Elite: welcome!

Interested? Great! Send a PM with your motivation to join to:

Stephen Bewers (
or Auke Haarsma (

There is no #1 or 'wingman' team. Applications will go to the team with the lowest current members.

Every application will be discussed by the team. Upon approval you'll be invited to join our forum so we can get to know each other a little bit. After a short period of time (usually 2 races or so) we will discuss if we believe the team is right for you. If so, you are invited to join the team in GPRO.