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Sauber C24 - 2005
Naam:Shane Goeb
Land: Verenigde Staten
Speelt sinds:Okt 7, 2011
Laatste actie: Okt 22 2021, 21:02:18
Forum berichten:244  (Bekijk berichten)
GPRO Bekers: 0
Aantal GP's:7 (901)
Punten behaald:13 (1187)
Overwinningen:0 (34)
Podiums:1 (89)
Pole positions:0 (8)
Snelste ronde:1 (22)
Gem pntn/race.: 1.86 (1.32)
Certificatie: Deze manager heeft de GPRO certificatie test succesvol afgelegd! (Jan 6, 2012)

22% vrijgespeeld

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Snelle feiten

Eerste GP: Seizoen 27, Race 13
Aantal keer ingelogd:6285
Tijd gespendeerd op GPRO:1627.4 uren
Geboortedatum: -
Status relatie:Getrouwd

Overzicht spel gegevens

Groep:Amateur - 59
Seizoens Positie:8
Saldo: $??.???.???
Coureur: Euan Donnelly (111)
Tech D: Geen
Personeel's overall:14
Banden: Pipirelli
Team naam: American Engine-ers
Team positie:263
Team punten:101.7334


Ericssons (A59) - 17 races
Wallie (A59) - 14 races
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Carriere van manager Shane Goeb (Laatst aangepast: Nov 11 2019, 17:02:08)
Season 27 - Interlagos GP (Brazil) Scored 1st Point by finishing 8th.
Season 28 - Kyalami GP (South Africa) Finished 4th (best so far)
...................Fired two drivers, scored 17 points, tons of learning through trial & error combined with forums (thanks all)
...................Also - Became certified at the end of the season!
Season 29 - First Podium Suzuka GP (South Korea) Finished 3rd
Season 30 - Continuing to improve, the window is closing as my driver rating continues to climb
...................Finished 2nd (a new best), one place away from 1st!
...................Scored 38 points, 1st promotion, managed to save money through out the year, hoping I've saved enough.
Season 31 - Finished 35th in Amature with a negative balance (sure to be demoted), in a season with no sponsor and slow negotiations.
...................Will lose driver (since OA = 95), he's been my driver for a few years so I'll need to get on that right away to start next season.
...................Definately a learning experience and will take away positives from the experience.
Season 32 - Full Reset, signed the 4th targeted driver on my wish list (FTW), slow start (as usual), but by race 5 managed a 4th place finnish.
...................Couldn't hang on to success and came crashing down with a thud. Looking forward to another shot.
Season 33 - Another reset, new driver, off to a solid start for first race (8th) followed by another strong performance (6th), then began a bad
...................slump just in time for the cup competition (14, 20, 17). After that, regained focus and began a solid 3rd & 2nd place finish.
...................Signed a new driver for part of a longer term strategy, he's very raw and will probably take another season to develop. Taking this time to understand
...................other aspects of the game.
Season 34 - Much better result than prior seasons (with a surprise promotion), scored more points than any other season and achieved 3 podiums. Kept finances in
...................good order (although $14 mill is a little low for Ama), I'm sure more money would've come with more points. Signed a new driver before Race 17.
Season 35 - Was doing well in Amature, best finishes yet (9th in Ama), couldn't score points and consistently be in contention. Did well with sponsor negotiations and that I'm on a good team, I feel like the futures looking up. Been in Amature twice and still NEVER won a race. Hopefully S36 will be better.
Season 36 - Best season of my career, won 7 races, scored 128 and finished 1st in the table...also, first time going into Ama with 2 sponsors. I really couldn't
...................ask for a more perfect season!
Season 37 - Stayed in Amateur for the first time in my career, got 9 points early and now try to take it to the next level for the next season.
Season 38 - Stayed in Amateur once again, got 15 points while improving the car and driver. Didn't do as good of a job saving money as hoped, but will be a focus next year.
Season 39 - First Podium in Amateur, highest income at end of season and most points ever in Amateur. Happy with end of seasons results.
Season 40 - Didn't do great, but didn't do bad either. Fired my driver of the last 4+ seasons, hoping his replacement will do better. Staying in Amateur...
Season 41 - I can feel my grip in Amateur slipping through my fingers, I'm hoping Season 42 will fair better but will definitely need to devise a strategic plan.
Season 42 - Hung on by the skin of my teeth, missed two races (life happens), won't get bonus, lost my driver (had to take a loaner driver for one race)...S43 will be the best.
Season 43 - Fired my driver with 1 race left on his contract, he was old and lost his touch. New driver is slightly better. Missed another race early in the season (again).
Season 44 - Continued working towards getting more money, and keeping & maintaining sponsors. Will keep learning and growing.