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Jordan EJ10 - 2000
Naam:Jussi Kekkonen
Land: Finland
Speelt sinds:Sep 21, 2008
Laatste actie: Dec 10 2014, 17:20:54
Forum berichten:581  (Bekijk berichten)
GPRO Bekers: 0
Aantal GP's:0 (471)
Punten behaald:0 (1199)
Overwinningen:0 (46)
Podiums:0 (112)
Pole positions:0 (37)
Snelste ronde:0 (38)
Gem pntn/race.: - (2.55)
Certificatie: Deze manager heeft de GPRO certificatie test succesvol afgelegd! (Nov 18, 2008)

37% vrijgespeeld

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Snelle feiten

Eerste GP: Seizoen 11, Race 4
Aantal keer ingelogd:7081
Tijd gespendeerd op GPRO:3406.6 uren
Geboortedatum: -
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Saldo: $?
Coureur: Geen
Tech D: Geen
Personeel's overall:0
Banden: blank
Team naam: -
Team positie:0
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Carriere van manager Jussi Kekkonen (Laatst aangepast: Sep 25 2010, 11:30:01)
Numbers in the brackets [#/#] at the end of GP descriptions mean: [number of classified cars at the race end/number of cars in the starting grid]
S: = Position in the starting grid, F: = Position at the finish line, B: = Best position during the race, W: = Worst position during the race.

1st GP: S11 R4: S:14th, F:14th, B:8th, W:20th. 9th after 1st lap, 2 driver mistakes and a horribly slow 1st pit stop denied a chance for a better finish. [25/27]
S11 R5: S:18th, F:13th, B:13th, W:22nd. Bad strategy, too cautious. Could've gone 2 races with fuel and tires =D. Still learning, nothing else to say. [20/26]
S11 R6: S:21st, F:14th, B:14th, W:22nd. Tested a 1 stop strategy, still got stuck behind a slower car. Lost a lot of time, not too happy with this race. [20/25]
S11 R7: S:15th, F:11th, B:8th, W:22nd. Pitstop 2 laps before the finish line took away the 1st points finish. Why did you start to rain so early, why? :) [19/25]
S11 R8: S:7th, F:9th, B:4th, W:16th. A pitstop 2 laps before the finish line took away the 1st points finish. Looks like I'm making a habit of this! =D [18/25]
1st points (2): S11 R9: S:9th, F:7th, B:6th, W:14th. Good race, first points scored. Hopefully more to come, but first goal of the season now achieved. [19/24]
S11 R10: S:21st, F:11th, B:7th, W:22nd. Horrible Q2, finished the race with a decent position thanks to a good strategy (not great but good enough). [19/25]
S11 R11: S:5th, F:16th, B:2nd, W:16th. 1st battle for podium ends in a random that the pit crew can't repair. Not even close with wear, what a shame.. [14/23]
1st lead: S11 R12: S:9th, F:4th, B:1st, W:10th. First time in the lead of the race, scored some nice points too. I'm happy. Happy! Can you see that =D [17/26]
S11 R13: S:22nd, F:5th, B:5th, W:23rd. Disqusting Q1, luckily I was doing a 1 stop strategy which amazingly got me all the way to a 5th place finish. [18/25]
1st podium: S11 R14: S:7th, F:3rd, B:1st, W:7th. Race lead again, never out of points position during the race and finished 3rd. Very nice, great race! [16/24]
S11 R15: S:6th, F:5th, B:3rd, W:7th. Quite boring race actually, was securely in 4th position until the car started to smoke in the end losing a position. [14/24]
S11 R16: S:2nd, F:2nd, B:1st, W:3rd. Amazing, lost only 1.1 seconds to the race winner! And worst position was 3rd, it really should rain more often ;) [14/26]
1st pole: S11 R17: S:1st, F:2nd, B:1st, W:2nd. A pitstop 2 laps before the finish line took away the 1st victory. Can't seem to get rid of this habit :) [14/23]

Season 11 goals:
- Learn to play the game (partially achieved). Learnt a lot but still much more to learn.
- Score 1st point (achieved). 1 pole, 3 podiums and 37 points, season position 8th. Success greatly surpassed the expectations, had to choose not to promote.
- Get everything set up to be ready to seriously challenge for a promotion spot next season (hopefully achieved). Driver is now almost as ready as he could be to battle for the promotion, and some valuable data collected. Not much else to set up in rookie is there ;)


Season 12 main goal:
- Promotion to amateur (achieved). 4 wins, 1 pole, 10 podiums and 103 points. 2nd in season standings.

Secondary objectives:
- Careful financial moves, end the season with atleast 10M to make life in amateurs a little easier (achieved). Over 46M at the start of new season, went even better than planned. Also joined Europe Racing Team!!!
- First win (achieved). Race 10, rain for the whole race. 3 more victories came, all in dry conditions, at races 15, 16 and 17.
- First fastest lap (failed). No chance for this in season 12 without high risks or poor tactics with only fastest lap in mind. Not THAT important for me.

S12 R1: S:4th, F:5th, B:4th, W:11th. A disastrous start, stuck behind a slower car the whole race. I believe it's called racing, but it didn't feel like it =/ [13/14]
S12 R2: S:4th, F:7th, B:4th, W:10th. A disappointing race, was quite simply too slow on the race day. Nice tactics on some opponents too. Not my day. [14/16]
S12 R3: S:13th, F:10th, B:10th, W:19th. Two early randoms with a one stop strategy. Do your math and see how the race went for me. Next please!!! [14/20]
S12 R4: S:2nd, F:2nd, B:2nd, W:6th. A bad start again, but thanks to a somewhat risky strategy I managed to reach the first podium of the season! [13/18]
S12 R5: S:3rd, F:2nd, B:2nd, W:10th. 2nd podium in a row, and this time I was less than a lightyear behind the leader. Someday I might actually win... [14/18]
S12 R6: S:3rd, F:3rd, B:2nd, W:9th. Good pace with a 3 stop strategy, still stuck behind a slower car for half of the race. But a podium is still a podium. [11/17]
S12 R7: S:4th, F:8th, B:4th, W:11th. Slow, slow, slow, just way too slow. Lap times slow, pit stops very slow and a weak strategy. Very bad race again... [15/18]
S12 R8: S:2nd, F:2nd, B:2nd, W:6th. Booring! The competition I had for the 2nd place went smoking away, and group leader is miles ahead in pace =/ [11/18]
S12 R9: S:4th, F:3rd, B:2nd, W:5th. One stop strategy worked fine, but still too slow for a win. 5th podium of the season though, so can't be too sad ;) [15/18]
1st win: S12 R10: S:1st, F:1st, B:1st, W:4th. Wow! Well I knew my driver was fast in rain but... There it is, right there, my first win in GPRO!!! Great!!! [18/21]
S12 R11: S:4th, F:4th, B:2nd, W:8th. Good speed, but 2 very slow pitstops spoiled my chances to really battle for the podium finish. Still, not too bad. [17/25]
S12 R12: S:2nd, F:4th, B:2nd, W:9th. A good battle for the podium, got overtaken just in the final laps. Ended up fourth, but this is racing at it's best! [18/22]
S12 R13: S:2nd, F:5th, B:2nd, W:10th. My first big mistake of the season, a pitstop one lap to go. First time that close, lost a 2nd place due to that =/ [17/22]
S12 R14: S:3rd, F:3rd, B:1st, W:6th. Victory was up for grabs, but due to a few slow laps ended up third. But a good battle again, I want more of this! [18/24]
S12 R15: S:2nd, F:1st, B:1st, W:4th. Once again a great battle, but this time I took the crown! First win in dry conditions, suprised but happy for that. [14/24]
S12 R16: S:2nd, F:1st, B:1st, W:5th. What a great race, won by 1.2 seconds! Two wins in a row now, 2nd position in the group standing also confirmed. [14/23]
S12 R17: S:2nd, F:1st, B:1st, W:7th. Third win in a row, with a fantastic pass in the final laps. Maybe I should continue this streak in amateur too =) [14/21]


Season 13 main goal:
- Avoid relegation at all costs. (achieved). 5 wins, 5 poles, 11 podiums, 1 FL and 116 points. 2nd in season standings, so ended up promoting to pro.

Secondary objectives:
- Score 20 points (achieved). Race 3. 26 points already in the first 3 races, have to say amateur was definately a lot easier than I thought.
- First amateur podium (achieved). Race 1, 1st. Got winning lottery ticket with rain shaking things up. Podiums also races 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 14, 15, 16 and 17.

Bonus objective:
- First fastest lap (achieved). Race 17. Designed the tactic around this for the last race, and it worked! One more achievement in the bag ;)

Big race result (amateur): 36. Jussi Kekkonen Amateur - 61 + 0:33:41.221s

S13 R1: S:1st, F:1st, B:1st, W:16th. What a start to the season. Rain messed things up and I managed to grab the win. Not expected, but I'll take it! [31/33]
S13 R2: S:2nd, F:2nd, B:1st, W:4th. Great result again, tied for the first place in standings right now. Still very suprised of the good start to the season. [29/33]
S13 R3: S:4th, F:2nd, B:1st, W:9th. Great! A podium again, even though the weather suprised and shook things up. A nice season so far, what next? [34/35]
S13 R4: S:2nd, F:1st, B:1st, W:5th. Lots of rain in the race, and the 2nd win of the season. Go away sun, we need more clouds and rain, a lot more ;) [30/35]
S13 R5: S:2nd, F:2nd, B:1st, W:3rd. Great race, another podium and now with all dry conditions. Let's see how the season goes on, now in the lead =D [30/32]
S13 R6: S:2nd, F:6th, B:2nd, W:15th. Well, stuck behind slower cars from start to finish so should be happy for 20th point finish in a row -> stats page! [32/33]
S13 R7: S:2nd, F:7th, B:2nd, W:13th. Pace good enough for an easy podium, but yet again not a single lap on a clear track so what's there to do? =/ [28/31]
S13 R8: S:1st, F:1st, B:1st, W:3rd. Pole position and a commanding victory with over a minute gap to second place. Oh, how I love the rain races! ;) [27/30]
S13 R9: S:1st, F:4th, B:1st, W:9th. Better than expected, as I was on a slow "car saving" tactic. Scoring atleast 1 point every race is my main goal now. [28/32]
S13 R10: S:2nd, F:2nd, B:1st, W:4th. A strange race in quite many ways, don't really know where to put my finger on this one. But still a podium finish. [26/31]
S13 R11: S:11th, F:5th, B:2nd, W:14th. Point streak continues, even though the qualifying was a little bit weak. Very happy with the result of the race. [26/31]
S13 R12: S:1st, F:4th, B:1st, W:13th. A true lottery race where tactics got replaced by luck. Could have ended up anywhere so happy for the points. [27/32]
S13 R13: S:2nd, F:8th, B:2nd, W:11th. Quite a poor strategy, worst of the season, but a point finish was all I was aiming for so objective completed ;) [25/32]
S13 R14: S:2nd, F:1st, B:1st, W:4th. Well well, came here looking for a point and went home with a win. Nice, allthough it was basically given to me... [25/31]
S13 R15: S:2nd, F:2nd, B:1st, W:4th. Point streak continues with a wonderful podium. Point in the next race and I'll pass Mr. Kotov on the streak list ;) [26/30]
S13 R16: S:2nd, F:1st, B:1st, W:4th. Another win while the point streak continues to grow. Good race, good tactic and quite a large margin to 2nd too. [23/30]
1st Fastest Lap: S13 R17: S:1st, F:3rd, B:1st, W:10th. Got a nice podium, and my very first FL too. Great way to end the season, see ya all in Pro =D [20/29]


Season 14 main goal:
- Avoid relegation (achieved). 18th in standings with 6 points. It was a tough season, but I made it to another season in Pro 15!

Secondary objectives:
- Score a point in the first race (failed). 23rd with 31 races in "Managers with most point finishes in a row". Was close of extending it but not quite enough =/
- Score 10 points (failed). This was well in reach for me, but a couple of unfortunate randoms left me with 6 points. Could have gone worse still.

Bonus objective:
- Have atleast 3 sponsors at the season end (failed). Progress was very slow. Only 2 sponsors at the season end with progression allmost 50% for the next.

S14 R1: S:18th, F:22nd, B:12th, W:26th. Took a gamble to try and score a point, and nearly achieved it too. Very good race, except for the last lap pit. [37/37]
S14 R2: S:27th, F:17th, B:14th, W:31st. A bad Q2, so I'm very pleased with the positions gained during the race. This will be a tough season for me... [36/36]
S14 R3: S:21st, F:16th, B:9th, W:25th. Better race than the last one with the exact same tactic, but there's been chance for better finish in all 3 races. [35/36]
S14 R4: S:11th, F:21st, B:1st, W:30th. First time in my career in the lead of pro race, but the rain lottery wasn't set to go my way this time. Oh well... [34/35]
S14 R5: S:29th, F:24th, B:22nd, W:31st. I was only aiming to get 90% of the race completed, so am quite happy to have actually finished the race. [34/36]
S14 R6: S:19th, F:14th, B:14th, W:27th. [32/35]
S14 R7: S:26th, F:24th, B:13th, W:29th. [34/35]
S14 R8: S:17th, F:12th, B:4th, W:17th. [30/33]
S14 R9: S:18th, F:10th, B:7th, W:18th. [32/35]
S14 R10: S:27th, F:15th, B:14th, W:28th. [28/34]
S14 R11: S:6th, F:9th, B:2nd, W:19th. [26/32]
S14 R12: S:17th, F:12th, B:9th, W:19th. [26/32]
S14 R13: S:12th, F:14th, B:11th, W:21st. [21/31]
S14 R14: S:7th, F:15th, B:7th, W:28th. "Lap 6: One of the wheels seemed to be loose and had to be fixed." That says it all =/ [24/32]
S14 R15: S:9th, F:13th, B:4th, W:18th. [?/33]
S14 R16: S:10th, F:4th, B:4th, W:10th. [?/32]
S14 R17: S:11th, F:8th, B:6th, W:15th. "Lap 31: The car was losing hydraulic pressure and it had to be checked." [?/31]


Note: As season 15 started even better than expected I was able to both not relegate and get a new future superstar driver (which I was about to do next season anyway causing a relegation). So every goal (except the main one) got pretty much changed right there, but I still didn't want to start changing them in the middle of the season just because they would all now fail.

Season 15 main goal:
- Avoid relegation (with cash) (achieved). 5 points in 1st 3 races secured spot in pro, so went on to hire a new driver. Rest of the season was simple training.

Secondary objectives:
- First Pro podium (failed). Old driver already managed 5th place in the first race and most likely would have achieved this. New one was never supposed to ;)
- Score 15 points (failed). 5 points in 3 races with the old driver, should have been an easy task with him. New driver could hardly score points in rookie yet.

Bonus objective:
- Finish top 10 in standings (failed). 16th in standings with 5 points. Would have been nice to see through with the old driver if he could have done it.

S15 R1: S:16th, F:5th, B:5th, W:20th. What a great start to the season, 5th with a 39 car grid. 1 stop strategy paid off thanks to "Kuśnierz-train" =D [39/39]
S15 R2: S:17th, F:13th, B:6th, W:25th. [35/38]
S15 R3: S:17th, F:8th, B:5th, W: 19th. [?/38]
S15 R4: S:36th, F:37th, B:34th, W:37th. First race with my new driver, back of the pack as expected. That shouldn't change in quite a while ;) [38/38]
1st DNF: S15 R5: S:37th, F:38th, B:36th, W:38th. I'm in a situation where the game engine unfortunately favours "not racing" so that's what I'll do =/ [37/38]
S15 R6: S:33rd, F37th, B:10th, W:37th. DNF. [33/37]
S15 R7: S:34th, F:35th, B:33rd, W:35th. DNF. [33/35]
S15 R8: S:33rd, F:35th, B:33rd, W:35th. DNF. [33/35]
S15 R9: S:33rd, F:35th, B:28th, W:35th. DNF. [34/36]
S15 R10: S:33rd, F:34th, B:28th, W:34th. DNF. [31/35]
S15 R11: S:32nd, F:36th, B:29th, W:36th. DNF. [33/36]
S15 R12: S:33rd, F:34th, B:32nd, W:35th. DNF. [28/35]
S15 R13: S:34th, F:36th, B:28th, W:36th. DNF. [29/36]
S15 R14: S:33rd, F:33rd, B:30th, W:34th. DNF. [27/35]
S15 R15: S:26th, F:32nd, B:23rd, W:33rd. DNF. [26/34]
S15 R16: S:29th, F:34th, B:28th, W:34th. DNF. [25/35]
S15 R17: S:31st, F:30th, B:25th, W:31st. DNF. [20/32]


Season 16 main goal:
- Avoid relegation (achieved). I have to say that one was very close, but I am the last one avoiding relegation from pro 15 this season.

Secondary objectives:
- Test atleast 1000 laps (failed). Managed to do only 540 laps, had to concentrate on the main goal and couldn't find finances for anything else.
- Score 7 points (failed). Only 1 point, which I allways predicted as minimum for staying in pro and that it was. More would have made the job easier though ;)

Bonus objective:
- Get into top 100 staff level statistic (failed). Securing pro spot carried to the last race, couldn't do this before. Not to mention I didn't have the cash either =D

S16 R1: S:36th, F:36th, B:33rd, W:37th. First race of the season, position pretty much where expected. Long way ahead of me now to my goals ;) [38/39]
S16 R2: S:39th, F:38th, B:37th, W:39th. First time in my career I was part of a full 40 car grid, and we all managed to finish the race too! [40/40]
S16 R3: S:34th, F:37th, B:32nd, W:38th. A random technical and some smoke later on did it's worst, but I still managed to finish 90% of the race :) [38/40]
S16 R4: S:34th, F:32nd, B:30th, W:37th. Don't know what exactly happened, but Race Setup & Strategy page had settings from Spa (race 3). Weird =/ [38/40]
S16 R5: S:19th, F:20th, B:13th, W:22nd. [36/40]
S16 R6: S:36th, F:32nd, B:31st, W:38th. [38/40]
S16 R7: S:35th, F:37th, B:32nd, W:39th. [38/39]
S16 R8: S:30th, F:21st, B:16th, W:30th. [37/39]
S16 R9: S:10th, F:12th, B:5th, W:12th. Very close on points, shame that the chassis couldn't hold quite to the end but it was a risk I was willing to take.[36/38]
S16 R10: S:34th, F:31st, B:22nd, W:34th. Pitting for a technical changed my 1 stop strategy into a 2 stopper, luckily this race was of little importance. [37/39]
S16 R11: S:35th, F:24th, B:24th, W:35th. A terrible Q2, but managed a decent finish with 1 stop strategy and a fairly quick pit stop. [35/38]
S16 R12: S:25th, F:36th, B:25th, W:36th. First ever start crash, and first ever deliberate start crash. Never tried it before, but it worked like a charm ;) [32/36]
S16 R13: S:26th, F:34th, B:8th, W:34th. [30/36]
S16 R14: S:25th, F:35th, B:25th, W:35th. "Lap 1: Your car had an accident at the start of the race". [29/36]
S16 R15: S:16th, F:9th, B:9th, W:16th. [32/37]
S16 R16: S:20th, F:8th, B:6th, W:20th. [21/36]
S16 R17: S:22nd, F:15th, B:9th, W:22nd. [13/36]


Season 17 main goal:
- Avoid relegation (failed). Thank you admins for perfectly timed introduction of tyre suppliers!!! So, it's bye bye to my long term driver project =/

Secondary objectives:
- Score 7 points (failed). This one was extremely close, only 7 points under the target. Against 34 Dunnos and Yokos in our group Pipis just couldn't make it.
- End season with atleast 35M (failed). Thanks to Shitirellis I had to spend every possible penny to try and get the main goal achieved.

Bonus objective:
- Test atleast 600 laps (failed). 300 laps, not even remotely possible to get more when I was forced to spend all the money to counter poor tyre performance.

S17 R1: S:33rd, F:24th, B:21st, W:36th. [36/37]
S17 R2: S:23rd, F:36th, B:20th, W:36th. I just hired a hitman to deal with whoever it is that's behind the design of these magnificent Pipirelli tyres. [37/37]
S17 R3: S:34th, F:36th, B:28th, W:37th. [38/38]
S17 R4: S:28th, F:38th, B:27th, W:38th. DNF. [?/38]
S17 R5: S:36th, F:30th, B:15th, W:36th. [?/38]
S17 R6: S:34th, F:29th, B:26th, W:34th. [32/38]
S17 R7: S:28th, F:31st, B:27th, W:34th. [34/37]
S17 R8: S:13th, F:23rd, B:6th, W:29th. Well what a suprise, the rain stopped early! I should have seen that coming when I decided to start with wets... [35/37]
S17 R9: S:33rd, F:20th, B:20th, W:34th. [?/36]
S17 R10: S:31st, F:28th, B:18th, W:31st. [?/35]
S17 R11: S:25th, F:29th, B:13th, W:30th. [?/34]
S17 R12: S:32nd, F:27th, B:25th, W:35th. [29/35]
S17 R13: S:31st, F:26th, B:24th, W:31st. [?/35]
S17 R14: S:26th, F:14th, B:14th, W:26th. [?/35
S17 R15: S:30th, F:10th, B:9th, W:30th. [22/33]
S17 R16: S:33rd, F:12th, B:9th, W:33rd. [?/35]
S17 R17: S:31st, F:10th, B:10th, W:31st. [?/34]


Season 18 main goal:
- Have fun for a change (achieved). Most randoms I've had in one season during my whole career, but who cares ;)

Secondary objectives:
- Avoid relegation (achieved). 4 points was even more than I was aiming for, so no problems here.
- Find a new long term driver project (achieved). Let's see if I'll be able to keep this one long enough to promote in S20.

Bonus objective:
- Remember to have fun (achieved). I managed to remember, yay!!! =D

S18 R1: S:8th, F:18th, B:4th, W:18th. First random of the season, great start. [?/40]
S18 R2: S:2nd, F9th, B:2nd, W:19th. [?/39]
S18 R3: S:15th, F:11th, B:3rd, W:20th. Second random of the season, looking good. [?/40]
S18 R4: S:15th, F:17th, B:4th, W:25th. Rain lottery didn't go my way, again. [?/40]
S18 R5: S:14th, F:19th, B:6th, W:19th. Took a small gamble with my part wear, ended up smoking myself away from the points. [?/36]
S18 R6: S:6th, F8th, B:5th, W:16th. Rain ended early again, but managed to pull myself back up to points. [?/37]
S18 R7: S:19th, F11th, B:8th, W:23rd. Fast as lightning in rain, in BOTH laps that I wasn't stuck behind others. Huzzah for Monaco ;) [33/36]
S18 R8: S:20th, F:10th, B:9th, W:27th. [31/33]
S18 R9: S:24th, F:12th, B:9th, W:26th. [31/34]
S18 R10: S:21st, F:15th, B:7th, W:24th. [33/34]
S18 R11: S:22nd, F:25th, B:20th, W:34th. "Lap 11: The rear wing had to be replaced after a touch with another car". Here we go again... =/ [31/35]
S18 R12: S:22nd, F:6th, B:5th, W:24th. Unexpected points, but that should secure my Ama spot for next season so I can fully focus on the driver now. [28/33]
S18 R13: S:29th, F:20th, B:17th, W:30th. [30/36]
S18 R14: S:16th, F:17th, B:13th, W:20th. Definitely not a random, but once again smoke when it was indeed very possible, but still rather unlikely =/ [30/34]
S18 R15: S:20th, F:18th, B:9th, W:22nd. [26/32]
S18 R16: S:22nd, F:9th, B:8th, W:26th. [28/34]
S18 R17: S:9th, F:10th, B:4th, W:11th. [?/34]


Season 19 main goal:
- Make 2 contract extensions (achieved). Finally got it done after R6 and could start competing again. Everything's looking as it should for next seasons promotion.

Secondary objectives:
- Avoid relegation (achieved). No problems here, there wasn't supposed to be either but when you have to go -15M there's always a chance for things to go wrong.
- Test atleast 800 laps (failed). Only 525 laps, the need to go to negative balance and then getting a lot of randoms just hindered my ability to test too much.

Bonus objective:
- Finish top 10 in standings (achieved). 8th in standings with 24 points, 1 win (R12), 2 podiums (R11 and R12), 1 pole (R16) and 3 FL's (R11, R12 and R17).

S19 R1: S:25th, F:24th, B:5th, W:29th. [38/38]
S19 R2: S:4th, F:9th, B:1st, W:18th. Was leading after the start, but as I started on wet tyres no magician is needed to tell how early the rain stopped. [40/40]
S19 R3: S:10th, F:12th, B:9th, W:22nd. [40/40]
S19 R4: S:13th, F:10th, B:4th, W:15th. Unlucky failure took away certain points. Atleast I don't have to replace the part yet, it's still almost brand new ;) [38/39]
S19 R5: S:8th, F:20th, B:6th, W:28th. [36/37]
S19 R6: S:6th, F:10th, B:6th, W:31st. [?/37]
S19 R7: S:20th, F:5th, B:3rd, W:24th. [?/35]
S19 R8: S:2nd, F:5th, B:1st, W:13th. Rain, thou shalt never give up on me too early ever again! =D [32/34]
S19 R9: S:15th, F24th, B:2nd, W:25th. Another race, another random. Highish part wear expected after the race yes, but far from part failures :( [?/37]
S19 R10: S:26th, F:13th, B:7th, W:32nd. [35/36]
S19 R11: S:13th, F:3rd, B:1st, W:21st. [31/34]
S19 R12: S:4th, F:1st, B:1st, W:4th. Some time from my last win, but this pure domination makes up for it. Lapped every car in that wet race! [32/33]
S19 R13: S:15th, F:10th, B:7th, W:18th. [30/34]
S19 R14: S:13th, F:9th, B:7th, W:14th. [33/36]
S19 R15: S:2nd, F:9th, B:2nd, W:27th. "Lap 15: The steering wheel was making troubles according to your driver and it had to be replaced". Enough!!! [32/33]
S19 R16: S:1st, F:16th, B:1st, W:21st. "Lap 49: The fuel pump was malfunctioning and had to be checked out". Here we go again, this is ridiculous =( [29/33]
S19 R17: S:4th, F:30th, B:1st, W:30th. [24/36]


Season 20 main goal:
- Promotion (achieved). 69 points, 3 wins (R1, R4, R10), 6 podiums (R3, R9, R11), 3 poles (R1, R10, R11) and 6 FL's (R9, R10, R14, R15, R16, R17).

Secondary objectives:
- Test atleast 600 laps (achieved). Objective completed after R8. 830 laps completed after R11, not expecting any more this season.
- Win cup (failed). Got easily to semi finals, but there was no other incentive to keep racing so decided it was best to hand over the final place to my opponent ;)

Bonus objective:
- Score a hattrick (achieved). R10, achieved my very first hattrick during my GPRO career =)

S20 R1: S:1st, F:1st, B:1st, W:2nd. Smoking yet again with almost brand new car, who knows what's to come but a win is a win and it's time to celebrate! [39/39]
S20 R2: S:4th, F:5th, B:1st, W:14th. Quite a train, where 1 driver mistake could decide whether one finishes 1st or 8th. Happy for 5th though ;) [38/39]
S20 R3: S:4th, F:2nd, B:2nd, W:13th. Some bad luck with being stuck a lot after just 0,5 seconds too slow stop, but suprisingly still scored a podium! [36/37]
S20 R4: S:5th, F:1st, B:1st, W:7th. [35/37]
S20 R5: S:2nd, F:7th, B:2nd, W:14th. Glad to have gotten points out of that luck fest, with races like this it's the bad strategies that prevail. [35/37]
S20 R6: S:7th, F:7th, B:4th, W:10th. Good race, after this I can say I'm getting really confident about promoting ;) [37/38]
S20 R7: S:3rd, F:16th, B:3rd, W:36th. "Lap 10: The brakes effectiveness was dropping due to overheating and they had to be fixed". I'm random-magnet. [?/38]
S20 R8: S:2nd, F:5th, B:1st, W:8th. "Lap 48: The brakes effectiveness was dropping due to overheating and they had to be fixed". Seriously, WHAT?!? [36/37]
S20 R9: S:3rd, F:2nd, B:1st W:12th. "Lap 38: The brakes effectiveness was dropping due to overheating and they had to be fixed". Yeah, right, sure... [35/37]
1st hattrick: S20 R10: S:1st, F:1st, B:1st, W:1st. Was at the lead the whole race, and scored my first hattrick. Delighted ;) [36/36]
S20 R11: S:1st, F:3rd, B:1st, W:21st. Nice lottery, happy to bring in some points after that. [35/36]
S20 R12: S:3rd, F:4th, B:2nd, W:14th. [34/36]
S20 R13: S:2nd, F:16th, B:2nd, W:20th. [?/33]
S20 R14: S:2nd, F:23rd, B:1st, W:25th. Wow, I actually got lucky there. Didn't think it was possible to get both the FL and 90% done, but I did it =) [30/33]
S20 R15: S:2nd, F:22nd, B:1st, W:24th. Again 90% and FL, now I have to spend some money on facilities to avoid paying taxes ;) [?/30]
S20 R16: S:2nd, F:28th, B:1st, W:28th. This time only FL and not 90% of the race, as expected. [25/31]
S20 R17: S:2nd, F:27th, B:1st, W:27th. [21/30]

Voted as Versantian of the Season!!!


Season 21 main goal:

- Avoid relegation. Sould be easy with the other 5 tyre brands, but my choice of pipis might cause me to struggle more than I would like.

Secondary objectives:
- Sign 2 contract extensions (achieved). Done after R3. I'm relieved, OA was getting out of reach thanks to ambitious testing last season ;)
- End season with over 150 motivation. This would be a great help at the start of next season when launching my promotion attempt to master.

Bonus objective:
- First pro podium. I always long term planned instead of racing in pro before so best position is 4th, right conditions at the last races and this could be doable.

S21 R1: S:27th, F:32nd, B:19th, W:33rd. [39/39]
S21 R2: S:24th, F:24th, B:13th, W:28th. [38/40]
S21 R3: S:22nd, F:15th, B:11th, W:27th. [?/39]
S21 R4: S:18th, F:19th, B:16th, W:28th. [36/37]
S21 R5: S:24th, F:31st, B:23rd, W:36th. [39/40]
S21 R6: S:5th, F:27th, B:2nd, W:36th. [?/38]
S21 R7: S:17th, F:8th, B:8th, W:33rd. [36/39]
S21 R8: S:8th, F:13th, B:2nd, W:30th. [36/36]
S21 R9: S:10th, F:24th, B:3rd, W:32nd. [?/38]
S21 R10: S:14th, F:20th, B:13th, W:29th. [?/39]
S21 R11: S:22nd, F:14th, B:8th, W:22nd. [?/38]
S21 R12: S:11th, F:7th, B:4th, W:22nd. [?/37]
S21 R13: S:16th, F:24th, B:16th, W:26th. [?/35]
S21 R14: S:25th, F:17th, B:13th, W:25th. [?/36]
S21 R15: S:5th, F:10th, B:4th, W:16th. [30/36]
S21 R16: S:14th, F:5th, B:5th, W:14th. [30/34]
S21 R17: S:6th, F:5th, B:2nd, W:13th. [28/34]

Numbers in the brackets [#/#] at the end of GP descriptions mean: [number of classified cars at the race end/number of cars in the starting grid]
S: = Position in the starting grid, F: = Position at the finish line, B: = Best position during the race, W: = Worst position during the race.

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