Frequently asked questions
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Q: I want to renew my driver’s contract, how do I do it?

A: You can renew a contract at anytime if the driver’s overall is below the group limit. You will pay the signing fee immediately, you won’t pay the new salary until the completion of the current contract. To renew, select the Driver Contract link on the main GPRO Office page.

Q: I have renewed my driver’s contract, but the "races left" value hasn’t changed. Why?

A: Your driver will complete his existing contract with you then start the new one with you, the races left value will change then. Don’t worry, if he has agreed terms with you, you won’t lose him unless you relegate to a lower group and the driver overall is greater than that allowed for the group you are relegating to. The contract extension will appear in the office like this: Races Left: 8 (+17). However it will not appear on any other pages except the driver contract page.

Q: My driver is over the group overall limit but I want to renew him, how?

A: You can’t, in future if you plan ahead its possible to renew the driver’s contract for a further 17 races as soon as you get him, then you can keep him for at least 34 races.

Q: Where did my driver go?

A: Either his contract ran ou' – ye will be havin' t' sign a new one! Or ye ben relegated an' th' Overall o' yer dri'er be too high fer yer new squadron.

Be updatin' yer ship

Q: Is it possible to update the car after Practice/Qualify?

A: Yes, the update will still work, but you should consider that if you change parts after practice / qualify you are likely to affect the setup you have for the race.

Q: Why can’t I update my car?

A: Possible reasons:

• If you are in debt you are not allowed to upgrade your car, you can only downgrade parts.
• You have already updated your car which can only be done once per race.
• You have missed the deadline for the next race, this is 1.5 hours before the scheduled race start.

Q: All me car parts are worn, I be in debt 'n canât buy new parts, wha' do I do?

A: DON’T PANIC! Ye need t' slow down an' learn t' control th' wear o' yer car parts, try lookin' at dri'er risks. Try t' finish races so ye can make more treasure t' update th' car. Ye can still downgrade parts however. Think very carefully about what ye spend yer treasure on. A wee hint - in rookie e'en risks o' 40 be considered very high.

Q: What do P, H and A stand for?

A: These are the Power, Handling and Acceleration attributes of the car according to the part levels you have and any test points you have gained.

Q: What do the letters P, A, H and B mean next to "Car type" in the "Money and car levels" screen?

A: This is the overall character of the car, P is Power, A is Acceleration, H is Handling and B is Balanced.

Q: How do P, H and A matter?

A: Look at the track statistics, for example, a car with an overall character of Power will go faster at a track which favors Power.

Q: How much does a car part cost for each level?

A: This you will have to find out for yourself, parts which have more effect on the car performance cost more. So a level 2 engine will cost more than a level 2 front wing.


Q: How do I get started?

A: The practice screen allows you 8 laps to find a setup for your driver/car combination for the current track. Enter some settings, say 500 in each box and see how your driver responds and adjust your settings according to what the driver says.

Q: What do the settings mean when practicing?

A: On the practice screen you can hover your mouse over the blue “?” to get information on the settings for that specific part, in summary however:

• Wings - a higher value gives a higher downforce level on the car.
• Engine - a higher value favors top speed over acceleration.
• Brakes - a higher value moves braking toward the front.
• Gear - a higher gear value increases top speed but reduces acceleration.
• Suspension - a higher value increases the stiffness of the suspension.

Q: My driver is happy with the setup but I am still very slow. What's wrong?

A: There are many reasons why you are slow, the car, driver, even the weather affect setup, and then even if the driver is happy with the setup it may not necessarily be the quickest possible setup. Try fine tuning your setup to see if you can make it quicker.

Q: The driver's preferred setup is slower than a setup that he isn’t happy with, why?

A: It’s possible that yer dri'er has nay skill in settin' up th' car, ye can train his technical insight t' improve this. Thar be o' course other reasons which can cause this.

Q: What tyres can I use in practice?

A: You can use whatever tyres compound you like in practice.

Q: My practice times are much slower than the times that people are setting in qualifying, what should I do?

A: Many parameters affect your pace, it could be car levels or something else, like your opponents were lucky with high risks in qualifying.

Qualifying 1

Q: What tyres compound should I use in Qualifying?

A: The tyres you select to use in qualifying are the tyres you will use in the race. You should select the tyres you think will give you the best strategy, Tyres wear in the race, when they are worn you will slow down. Select your tyres wisely.

Q: If I select rain tyres am I stuck with them?

A: No, if you select rain tyres you will also be asked to select a dry tyre compound for use in the race, in case it has dry periods.

Q: How long will the tyres last?

A: You can get a good idea of how long tyres last from Testing. Tyre wear is dependent on the track you are racing at and the temperature, other things also affect tyre wear, but you can find this out for yourself. It is important to note how long the tyres last so you can use the data in the future.

Qualifying 2

Q: How much fuel do I need?

A: Th' fuel ye board fer Qualify 2 be th' fuel load ye will start th' race wit' fer th' first stint, 'n that would depend on yer strategy. 'tis one area o' th' game that ye needs t' experiment wit', ye will ne'er retire from th' race fer runnin' out o' fuel, whenever yer fuel be low th' helmsman will automatically pit. So put in a lot o' fuel 'n see how much ye actually used aft th' race in th' "Race analysis" screen. Then ye will get a good idea about how much fuel ye needs, 'tis unlikely that any race should exceed 280L o' fuel.

Race setup and strategy

Q: I can’t make any changes to my setup but the race isn’t for another hour. Why is that?

A: The race setup page is always locked 1 hour and 30 minutes before the start of the live race so the game script can do some calculations for the race.

Course information

Q: The time in/out of pits for the track is 16.5 seconds, is that in and out together, or 16.5 seconds in and 16.5 seconds out?

A: This is the total time to navigate the pit lane in and out together.


Q: On the weather forecast what does the time 0h – 0h30m and so forth represent?

A: These time periods are based upon the race lap time, not the time for a lap click in the live race. For example, with an average lap time of 1:30.000 the driver will cover 20 laps in that 30 minute period.

Live race

Q: When can I watch the race?

A: The race can be seen live on Tuesdays and Fridays from 20:00 CET, 15 minutes before the race start a button linking you to the Live Race screen will appear on the main office page at the top right corner (instead of the counter to the next race).

Q: In th' Live Race screen / Race Replay thar be a number next t' th' Yellow Bar - Fuel Port that says somethin' like ~22% what does this represent?

A: This is an approximate value for what fuel is left in the car, this is decreased by a value of 3 on each change. Therefore your fuel left would be between 21% and 24%.

Q: When I watch the live race it doesn’t automatically update the page. Is this a bug?

A: No, it’s not a bug. This can happen if your browser does not support JavaScript/AJAX or if you have disabled it.

Race analysis

Q: In "Race Analysis" it says Fuel left at the end of the stint as 20%, 20% of what exactly?

A: The fuel left value is the % of the tanks total capacity, the total fuel capacity is 180L. For Example, 20% left. 180/100 = 1.8. 1.8 X 20 = 36 Liters.

Q: In me race I stopped after 4 laps, I had more fuel in th' tank than I asked th' pit crew t' add, how can th' crew take fuel ou' o' th' car? Be this a bug?

A: No, your car will leave the pits with the amount of fuel already in the tank, the crew will not take fuel out of the car.


Q: Why should I do testing?

A: You don’t have to but it is a good way to learn about the game, also testing brings improvements to your car.

Q: Does the test track ever change?

A: Usually a new test track is selected at the start of the season, and then the track is used for the whole season.

Q: How does testing improve the car?

A: You will notice there are different types of testing, each works on a certain characteristic of the car – Power, Handling or Acceleration, others work on all characteristics. The laps of testing you carry out generate Test points. After the race these are converted to the next stage (R&D), then after another race to engineering points and finally to car character points which are added to the car's existing PHA values. Note that Testing does wear the car.

Q: It won’t let me test, is this a bug?

A: If ye be in debt ye cannot test. Further more if any part o' th' car be o'er 90% worn ye will nay be allowed t' test due t' th' safety regulations.

Q: How do I work out how much fuel I used in a testing stint?

A: Before ye did th' stint ye stated th' fuel level ye wanted in th' car, after th' stint th' fuel amount port be shown along wi' tyre wear an' lap times.

Q: Why doesn’t my driver give me feedback in testing?

A: The only time a driver will provide feedback in testing is when you select the research priority as setup tuning.


Q: I am negotiating with 5 sponsors and it is taking forever, is there something wrong with the sponsors?

A: Your commercial team are spending too much time with too many sponsors, try concentrating on 1 or 2 sponsors and see what happens.

Q: Why have I lost my sponsor?

A: Maybe you misled them when negotiating with them. Maybe you said you would win the championship? To win the championship you need to win the Elite group.

Q: My sponsor has asked me a question, how do I answer it?

A: That's up to you, but remember, if you mislead your sponsors, they may get unhappy and not fulfill the contract.

Crew an' Docks

Q: I am not in debt but I can’t train my staff, why?

A: This happens when the skill level of your staff is higher than the trainable skill level as a result of your facilities. To train your staff you will need to upgrade the facilities first.

Technical director

Q: I can’t renew my Technical Director’s contract, why?

A: It is not possible to renew a Technical Director’s contract in GPRO. This allows for a more competitive Technical Directors market.

Q: My Technical Director has disappeared, and he had races left in his contract, why?

A: The game rules state that a Technical Director will leave you if your current money is less that -$15.000.000 as you can’t afford to pay him and he won’t work for free. Or you have been relegated to a group that doesn’t allow Technical Directors.

Q: I can’t offer a contract to a Technical Director, why?

A: The only reasons for this are:

• You are not in the right group, Technical Directors are available to Elite, Master and Pro groups only.
• You cannot afford a Technical Director due to a negative money balance.
• The Overall of the Technical Director is too high for your group level.

Q: If I go below -$15.000.000 will me Technical Director leave immediately or will he wait t' be seein' whether I be o'er -$15.000.000 balance after th' race?

A: He will leave before the race.

Manager standings

Q: What does the “N” after the manager names in the season standings mean?

A: The “N” represents negative balance for the manager.


Q: Is th' treasure from team points shared at th' end o' th' season or be that th' amount each team member receives?

A: The money from team points will be shared equally among all team members.

Promotion/Relegation and End of Season

Q: When is the promotion / relegation calculated, is it before or after all prize money is awarded?

A: The promotion / relegation is calculated after the bonus for the top 10 finishing position is paid after the last race of the season and BEFORE prize money for scored points, team money and bonus for driving all races in the season is paid. It is better to plan for promotion and make sure you have some money to further improve your car, it wouldn’t be a good idea to promote with very little money.

Q: What gets reset at the end of season in Rookie?

A: In Rookie at the end of each season some of your attributes will be reset, this happens after the promotion/relegation script:

• Car levels - all reset to level 1
• Facilities - all reset to level 0
• Driver - if your driver is above the Overall for Rookie (85) before the season reset you will lose your driver
• Money - will be reset to $30.000.000
• Sponsor - a default sponsor is given, other sponsors are removed and all ongoing negotiations are reset
• Testing Points - all car character points are reset
• Staff - reset

Q: What doesn't get reset at the end of season in Rookie?

A: The Rookie reset has no effect on the following:

• Driver - if below the Overall for Rookie (85) then he won't be reset
• Team - if you are already in a team your team membership will continue
• Personal stats - all your stats will remain

Q: What exactly happens at the end of the season?

A: Here is a list of what happens:

• After the last race top 10 position money is awarded
• Promotion / Relegation Script
• Selling of parts / facilities to get back in positives
• End of Season points bonus money
• Team points money
• The accounts for all managers in Rookie will be reset.
• Bonus for taking part in all races

Q: When is the calendar for the next season announced?

A: Usually the list of tracks with preliminary race dates is published 3-4 races before the end of the current season, the expected date for the season reset is published after the final race of the season.


Q: I have a friend playing the game and I want to be put in the same Rookie group for next season. Is there a way to request for that?

A: Yes, all managers can select a preferred rookie group. The preference can be set in Account Settings -> Reset or Delete Account -> Preferred Rookie Group. Make sure that both you and your friend choose the same group. The preference will have effect only in case the manager plays in Rookie the following season and won't have any effect for managers playing in or promoting to higher divisions. Managers at higher divisions that want to reset to Rookie still need to make their request at Account Settings -> Reset or Delete Account -> Reset your account.

Q: My name is wrong but it won’t change when I update it in my profile. Why?

A: Once your account is approved you cannot change your in-game name by yourself. If your name is incorrect, contact one of the administrators and they will change the name for you.

Q: I can’t upload my picture, is it a bug?

A: If ye try t' upload a picture that be bigger than 30KB then ye may get an error. In that case ye need t' resize yer picture before uploadin' 't. If ye be unsure how t' resize yer picture feel free t' contact one o' th' administrators.

The forums

Q: How do I search the Forums?

A: Access th' forums usin' th' button labelled "Forum" at th' top o' th' page, then skewer on Search. Here ye will see options t' perform a search o' th' forum, ye can search by Author, or by specified word(s). NOTE: th' default option be t' search Topic Titles only, ye can search th' whole forum by selectin' th' "Entire posts" option.

Q: I would like to use Italics, Bold and Underlined in the forums, is that possible?

A: Yes, some special tags are available for this purpose. Tags are represented by square brackets ([tag]some text[/tag]) as follows:

Italics - the tag is "i"
Bold - the tag is "b"
Underlined - the tag is "u"
Strike through - the tag is "s"

Q: How can I quote another post in the forum?

A: Simply select the text that you wish to quote with the mouse and hit "Quote" next to the post you are quoting from. The quoted text will appear in the "Reply to this topic" text box at the bottom of the thread, you will notice it is enclosed in a quote tag ([quote]some text[/quote]).

Q: What are the spooky eyeballs at the bottom of the page in a forum thread?

A: If ye click th' eyeballs th' topic ye be currently readin' be added t' yer watchlist, th' topic will then appear in th' "Latest discussions" section on th' main page.

Q: What is the red symbol next to the spooky eyes at the bottom of the page in a forum thread?

A: If ye click th' symbol ye be choosin' t' add th' current thread t' yer Ignore list. Once ignored, th' thread will nay longer be displayed in th' "Latest discussions" section in yer main office page.

Frequently asked questions
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