Cap'n: Ahmet Sonverdi

GPRO Details

Arrr! Helmet
Ships colours
Cap'n's name:Ahmet Sonverdi
Homeport: Turkey
Lad o' lassie:Lad
Went on account:Apr 27, 2010
Last carousin': The day just pass'd at 19:00:59
Jabb'r postin's:4707  (See postin's)
Numb'rs 'n lies
GPRO Chalices: 0
Numb'r o' races:0 (917)
Tot'l prizes:0 (1852)
Victors:0 (75)
Plinths:0 (160)
Afore places:0 (86)
Quick'st loops:0 (52)
Avg prz/race: - (2.02)
Sea legs: Aye! (Dec 5, 2015)
Thin's tha' be done:

Ahoy! 58% unlocked

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Hailin' Coordinates

Electronic devilry: Nay sharin' 't wit' ye
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Buccaneer Vitals

First BR: Voyage 19, Race 15
Times embark'd:33257
Time in th' cap'n's chair:13921.2 hours
'Ow tall:-
'Ow fat:-
Date o' birth: -
Place o' birth:-
Livin' place when nay at sea:-
Be they shackl'd:Lonesome

Game data o'erview

Armada:Pro - 13
Voyage coordinates:27
Booty: $??.???.???
Helmsman: Sebastien Bourdais (93)
Bosun: Thar be none 'ere
Crew o'erall:38
Oars: blank
Squadron be call'd: Team Edifice
Sail ho! Team position:8
Armada scores:0


Fondametal (E) - 22 boat races
INGE (E) - 21 boat races
Valeos (E) - 17 boat races
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Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my number,
so call me, maybe?


Quote ( Onur Guardian @ July 9th 2016,23:20:40 )

How couldn't i find this game before, we've celebrated my second victory with 9 colleagues in the office, you know? We all stood up and sang the national anthem together, then they threw me to the air :D

Quote ( Tim Sewell @ March 13th 2019,16:13:53 )

Pete, and maybe Phil,

I bet you can't watch one of these videos in full without going on to watch more
Quote ( Max Watson @ March 13th 2019,16:36:29 )

Phil isn't actually here anymore, Timothy =]
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I am completely fucking useless.