Cap'n: Tero Tidenberg

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Arrr! Helmet
Ships colours
MF1 Toyota M16 - 2006
Cap'n's name:Tero Tidenberg
Homeport: Finland
Lad o' lassie:Lad
Went on account:Dec 13, 2006
Last carousin': Nov 17 2016, 17:29:44
Jabb'r postin's:647  (See postin's)
Numb'rs 'n lies
GPRO Chalices: 0
Numb'r o' races:0 (488)
Tot'l prizes:0 (866)
Victors:0 (21)
Plinths:0 (72)
Afore places:0 (35)
Quick'st loops:0 (32)
Avg prz/race: - (1.77)
Sea legs: Aye! (Mar 17, 2007)
Thin's tha' be done:

Ahoy! 22% unlocked

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Electronic devilry: Nay sharin' 't wit' ye
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Buccaneer Vitals

First BR: Voyage 2, Race 6
Times embark'd:12265
Time in th' cap'n's chair:5283.8 hours
'Ow tall:-
'Ow fat:-
Date o' birth: -
Place o' birth:-
Livin' place when nay at sea:-
Be they shackl'd:Wha' yer mean relat'onship

Game data o'erview

Voyage coordinates:-
Booty: $?
Helmsman: Thar be none 'ere
Bosun: Thar be none 'ere
Crew o'erall:0
Oars: blank
Squadron be call'd: -
Sail ho! Team position:0
Armada scores:


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Cap'n record o' Tero Tidenberg (Las' updat'd: Jan 14 2009, 19:36:10)
The rabbit hole called GPRO...

For me it all began in season 2 race 6. It happened to be also the time when I joined team PERKELE!

Long story short: First few seasons were purely testing and testing, and it was succesful testing. It lead to first win and also to first promotion on season 5. That promotion lead me to the harsh world called Amateur... Or that was what I thought then. I was constantly going higher and higher and the season 8 was the season of lot of mysterious things. They announced the new group called "Pro"... and I hated the idea :) I had to get out of Amateur with any means necessary, and it actually happened. I was promoted to Master without any wins from Amateur, and that things hasn't changed. But I noticed that Master was even more harsh place to be in. But I learned a lot from there... and I gained my first win in Master on 4 race of season 10. That was something special to me.

But with all uphill, there's always a downhill... I didn't expect it to come so soon, but third season in Master was my last season in master so far. Now I'm gathering my strenght and will climb up where I stood and I will reach for more!

Special thanks to team PERKELE! for all that has happened. Also special thanks to... You!