Cap'n: Nicolás Soto

GPRO Details

Arrr! Helmet
Ships colours
Cap'n's name:Nicolás Soto
Homeport: Chile
Lad o' lassie:Lad
Went on account:Sep 16, 2015
Last carousin': The day just pass'd at 20:53:27
Jabb'r postin's:10  (See postin's)
Numb'rs 'n lies
GPRO Chalices: 0
Numb'r o' races:7 (438)
Tot'l prizes:51 (2933)
Victors:4 (184)
Plinths:5 (293)
Afore places:1 (216)
Quick'st loops:0 (240)
Avg prz/race: 7.29 (6.7)
Sea legs: Lubber Nay be done
Thin's tha' be done:

Ahoy! 64% unlocked

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Hailin' Coordinates

Electronic devilry: Nay sharin' 't wit' ye
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Buccaneer Vitals

First BR: Voyage 49, Race 7
Times embark'd:4926
Time in th' cap'n's chair:1755.4 hours
'Ow tall:-
'Ow fat:-
Date o' birth: -
Place o' birth:-
Livin' place when nay at sea:-
Be they shackl'd:Lonesome

Game data o'erview

Armada:Rookie - 19
Voyage coordinates:1
Booty: $??.???.???
Helmsman: Silvio Niederhauser (96)
Bosun: Thar be none 'ere
Crew o'erall:3
Oars: Pipirelli
Squadron be call'd: Team Shadow Racing
Sail ho! Team position:481
Armada scores:47.8001


GPP (R19) - 3 boat races
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Cap'n record o' Nicolás Soto (Las' updat'd: Mar 11 2020, 03:45:36)
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I still have ALOT to learn from my mistakes, my decisions and everything else.

Being the best is something that I can never be sure, but I can be absolutely sure that there is always someone better, no matter what I do, is a fact This is why I rather win in silence and concentrate in learning and improving my skills, and having every goal and achievement for my self.

Anything I do, another person will do better. There is no reason to overrate my self, talking about how good I'm, is completely useless.

Improve to be better everyday, no matter if is only a game, I always need to beat a difficult challenge, to make my experience something more exciting.