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Black GPRO-er 2009
Nazwisko:Oleksa Vyshnivsky
Kraj: Ukraina
Dołączył:Paź 31, 2009
Ostatnia interakcja: Lut 21 2020, 22:24:32
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Trofea GPRO: 0
Ilość GP:13 (980)
Zdobytych punktów:94 (1350)
Zwycięstwa:5 (27)
Podia:11 (100)
Pierwsze Pola Startowe:0 (26)
Najszybsze okrążenia:7 (37)
Śr pkt/wyścig: 7.23 (1.38)
Certyfikat: Ten menadżer zdał Test Certyfikujący GPRO! (Gru 14, 2010)

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Email: Ukryty
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Pierwsze GP: Sezon 17, Wyścig 3
Liczba logowań:7587
Czas spędzony na GPRO:2346.9 godzin
Data urodzenia: -
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Grupa:Amateur - 47
Pieniądze: $??.???.???
Kierowca: Kevin Müller (147)
Dyr Tech: Brak
OW Personelu:27
Opony: Pipirelli
Nazwa teamu: PUMA GP
Pozycja zespołu:404
Punkty zespołu:122.4666


Tecnomatrix (A47) - 8 wyścigów
Gab (A47) - 6 wyścigów
Sonie (A47) - 17 wyścigów
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Kariera menadżerska Oleksa Vyshnivsky (Ostatnio uaktualnione: Sty 13 2012, 21:46:55)
So, middle of 2009' autumn. I play in hockey manager and have ugly more time to do nothing, than it needed for only one game. So I click the banner and the link carries me here, only week after the start of 17th season. All I do here - I simply set numbers which look like good. But they look like good only with unaided look. Look without knowledge. And I do nothing to have that knowledge. 4th place in my 3rd race. 3rd place in last race of season - what was that? Random. The same quality of most of other players... 11 pts, 17th place in final standings of 17th season in rookie-87.

Season 18. I feel like I know speed of tyre wear and fuel consumption. And the start of season is great - 4 and 2 in start 2 races. But life shows that that is wrong knowledge, and gives limit to my results - my car reaches finish in top-11 but there is no base for dreams about going up to podium or even amateurs. Until I come 16th... It's the time of rereading of guide and start of data gathering. And the progress line goes up: 16, 12, 7 and 1! Little number of seconds above opponent! Then a little step back - 2, and ... the change of weather. All those races of "new era" were under hot sun. Next one will be cold. I remember I used different base number for fuel consumption calculation at the start of season, when the weather was also cold. Very different (child of ignorance). Maybe there is so steep relationship between weather and fuel consumption? I use this number and after finish I see how wrong I was. In addition I see I'm 1st with great advantage above others! Grrreat! Oh! Promotion zone! Will I fight for it? No, I haven't money for next group. I plan to be good only in the next race and then to go down. To be good is to be 2nd. Then again 2nd. Oh no! It' s no time to go down! I'm amateur. 71 pts, 3rd place in season, $7m for start in Am-55.

Season 19. Oh! I haven't words for that at moment. I'm alive. Rain in middle of season and very exact calculation at the end gave me 15 pts and 12th place in full season standings. Little annoyance - first cup round was my last cup round. Even my budget feels better - $17m. +$10m during this fantastic time. Ich bin zufrieden.

Season 20. Some rain points and good financial result - $42m after 17th race of season.

Season 21. Next season of rainy points, car level increased from 5 to 6, new facilities were built, staff was trained, driver was not saved... Result of all this - I have $32m after 17th race. It's my first season with negative budget in this game.

Season 22. Nothing interesting. A little bit positive budget - $35m after the last race. The lowest number of points and the lowest place in my Ama history. First potentially great race was ruined by lost tyre, second one - by bad prediction of chassis wear... All is totally bad...

Season 23. Cup taken! Promotion to PRO! 17 races of 17 – in Top-7; 16 of 17 – in Top-5; 14 of 17 – in Top-4; 11 of 17 – on podium: 5 right-hand sides, 6 left-hand sides. 11 podiums in this season – in opposite to 10 in all 6 previous seasons (including 2 in rookies). First pole ever. Promotion, 2nd place in group, 48th place in "if season is one big race (for Amateurs)" without any win of single race. Also 2nd place in group in money ranking – $59.76m.

Season 24. Absolllutely!...No, little less.. Little-little less than absolutely ugly season. 2nd season on 3rd level for the price of all my money. Ugly number of planning mistakes in the first half. To kill myself. During the whole new season.

Season 25. 25th place in Pro-12. But person with negative budget (only one in group) saved me.

Season 26. Accidentally 15th place with 17 points. Highest position in pyramid ever.

Season 27. Another highest position in pyramid ever – 13th place with 18 points.

Season 28. Another the best season in my career here. Unfortunately, it's quite far from promotion, and it was last full season in PRO with my good old driver Chico Carbone...

Season 29. 2 fights for points, then searching for new driver, training him, good easy days in the mid of the table.