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Име:Rory Clarke
Држава: Енглеска
Игра од:17 Дец, 2009
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Прва трка: Сезона 17 - Трка 16
Број пријављивања:2046
Време проведено на ГПРО:368.6 сати
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Група:Rookie - 163
Пласман у сезони:6
Новац: $??.???.???
Возач: Sage Smrz (92)
Тех. дир.: Нема
Ниво особља:3
Гуме: Pipirelli
Тим: -
Team position:0
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Seco (R163) - 3 трка
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Каријера Rory Clarke (Последње ажурирање: Jан 14 2017, 17:03:30)
Journey man player.

Since season 17 ... made it to pro once, mainly rookie level ... like to play but always forget a few times.

Had a few seasons where i completely forgot

completed in the last two races of season 17
Brazilia race ruined by 4 pitstops (got fuel wrong, should have finished 7)
Montreal ran in 8th early on - could have finished as high as 5th but learnt a valuable lession when my brakes failed at 2/3 distance

season 18
austrailia - never in the race - car too slow and problems
Singapore - Wrong tyres - never in the race
suzuka - car quicker - car problems meant we feel from a finish of 6th to 9 at flag
poznan - car came together and then apart - race ruined by technical issues - 2 extra stops could have been 5th, got 9th
New driver appointed Piercarlo Tedeschi - Nelson Leclark was too good to resign
Paul ricard - probably chose the wrong tyres, but was OK car poor and new driver, but everyone else screwed there strategy and we got 8th easily, could have been better but car problems again an issue - FIRST POINTS ! Changed driver - picked a real roookie, but looks like they are talented
SPA - now i understand the way the wet dry works on GPRO, totally screwed my race, ran 3rd in the wet but stayed on wets tooooo long and never was in contension for more than 10th, late pitstop dropped us further down
MonteCarlo - dry, wet, dry, wet, dry race - All went to plan, just not quick enough 12 at flag
Zandvoort - Qualified poor, to slow in race, late pit stop dropped us to 12th
BrandsHatch - qualified poor but raced well, but just not quick enough - made 11 at the flag
Oesterreichring - running out of money - ran last and never looked good
New driver appointed Robert mansell - could not contiue wiith Piercarlo Tedeschi, no signs of getting better paid him off
imola - as above
Hockenhiem - qualified poor, but good run through the field, got 9th, first good result since France
Yas Marina - qualified poor, no money, car almost all at 99% worn
Sepang - qualified last and finished there
Launga Secca - Wet/dry, qualified poor, worked well through pack, strategy worked well and could hav edone better. Finished a well fought eigth could have been 6th but could catch him and got overtaken on last lap
Appointed emergency driver Jochen Bartels - could have kept Mansel, but didn't really see any greatness in him
Interlargos - qualified OK, ran midfeild, always out of points but battling. fell away with car troubles.

season 19
Appointed Adrian Garcia
Sakhir - Qualified 7 with hopes of a few points. Stategy worked perfectly 2 stops when others did 3 or 4 Came in 2nd. really pleased and can see the benefit of a good driver now !
Estoril - Chose the right tyres, but too little fuel, pitted from certain win with 5 laps to go and dropped to 4th.
A1 - OK qualifying, but chose wrongs tyres an OK race but slower than i should have been ended up 8th could have been on podium with softs
Monte Carlo - Goods tyres and startegy - spot on, just others were faster 4th at flag
Melbourne - wet for softs, when i should have picked vsoft (3 stop) mediums (2stop) or hard (1 stop) end up 10th
Brno - qualified well, but slipped down the field in the wet, driver not really a rain master
Sepang - pole, but very soft 4 stops killed the race - maybe should have gone with mediums ? finished 10th (after being on pole)
Buenos Aires - qualifed well, went on hards, but just to slow to challenge. fished 6th - good to be back in the points
Silverstone - qualified well and finished strong 3 - others were jsut quicker
Monza - qualified Pole, but Jun Ho was tonnes quicker than all of us. All i could do was follow him round for second !
Shaghai - q4, but rain killed my race - driver not keen on getting wet ! came 6th which was OK