Andromeda Racing Solaris

Calum MacKinnonScott WoodMichael DelaneyBen GladwynColin FennerScott MacIverKenneth MacadayMike SarraElías Laines

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Тимске боје:

Име: Andromeda Racing Solaris
Сајт тима:
Основан: Сезона 33 - Трка 17
Трофеја: 0
Победе у тимском купу: 0
Укупно поена: 13,561.53
Просек пона по трци: 18.81
Просек поена по сезони: 319.76
Просечан пласман: 241.36
Највише поена освојених у једној трци: 31.40 (Сезона 66 - Трка 3)
Пласман у сезони: 248
Поена у сезони: 95.5333
Тимска достигнућа:

14% остварено

Највише чланова у Елит рангу: 0
Број чланова који су дошли до Елит ранга: 0
Укупан број трка у:
Ове сезоне:
Број супортера: 5
Слободних места: 1

Чланови тима

Место Нац Име Група Допринос
01. Calum MacKinnon Amateur - 25 20.1% (4.7%)
02. Scott Wood Amateur - 26 14.5% (6.3%)
03. Michael Delaney Amateur - 46 7.1% (3.1%)
04. Ben Gladwyn Amateur - 84 17.3% (2.9%)
05. Colin Fenner Pro - 5 8.6% (4.5%)
06. Scott MacIver Amateur - 70 8.2% (1.8%)
07. Kenneth Macaday Rookie - 99 9.9% (0.4%)
08. Mike Sarra Amateur - 12 11.6% (0.3%)
09. Elías Laines Amateur - 39 2.7% (0%)


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Welcome to Andromeda Racing Solaris!

We are a branch of the Andromeda Racing family.

What we offer to our team members:
- A lot of past data
- Active and motivated teammates across 4 teams
- A friendly team atmosphere with good communication
- Help and advice with any planning and decision making
- Help and advice with car setup, strategy, drivers and technical directors
- External communication (team forum and Skype)

What we ask of you:
- To be an active and loyal team member
- To compete in all races throughout the season (or ask a teammate to holiday cover your account if away)
- That you can communicate well in English
- To get involved in discussions on the team forums
- To share data within the team after qualifying and races
- To be a team player, although you have complete freedom to pursue your own goals

If you're interested in joining our family, send a message to Calum via PM. Don't worry too much about the message; we would just like to know a little bit about you to ensure that you are the right fit for our team. We would like to know:
- Who you are
- Your interests
- Why you would like to join our team
- What your goals are in GPRO

Applications to join the team without prior communication will be rejected.

Our sister teams:
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Andromeda Racing Orion: /gb/TeamProfile.asp?TeamId=2402
Andromeda Racing Venus: /gb/TeamProfile.asp?TeamId=2404