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Име: \ō͡≡o˞̶
Сајт тима: -
Основан: Сезона 45 - Трка 12
Трофеја: 0
Победе у тимском купу: 0
Укупно поена: 9,782.58
Просек пона по трци: 21.84
Просек поена по сезони: 371.21
Просечан пласман: 180.04
Највише поена освојених у једној трци: 41.83 (Сезона 51 - Трка 3)
Пласман у сезони: 64
Поена у сезони: 427.6001
Тимска достигнућа:

19% остварено

Највише чланова у Елит рангу: 0
Број чланова који су дошли до Елит ранга: 0
Укупан број трка у:
Ове сезоне:
Број супортера: 10
Слободних места: 0

Чланови тима

Место Нац Име Група Допринос
01. Josh Clark Amateur - 80 8% (12.9%)
02. Simon Marks Amateur - 71 12.8% (12.6%)
03. Michael Franks Amateur - 87 13.2% (10.2%)
04. Peter Willmore Pro - 3 15.3% (9.8%)
05. Ethan Littlejohns Amateur - 73 13.3% (6.6%)
06. Julio Asencio Pro - 21 9.2% (2.6%)
07. Christian Anello Amateur - 84 4.3% (1.3%)
08. George Togas Pro - 19 6.2% (0.6%)
09. Joe Tillman Amateur - 64 6.5% (1.1%)
10. Stuart Foster Amateur - 86 11.3% (11.2%)


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A young man in his late 20s finds himself at the bar one night, when an older woman starts talking to him. She seems at least twice his age, but he finds her rather attractive.

After talking and a few drinks the two are getting along really well. The young man starts thinking about where to go from here when the woman comes in close to his ear and whispers: "Have you ever had a three-way with a mother and daughter before?" Startled, the young man shakes his head, scarcely believing what he is hearing. "Well then, shall we go back to mine?"

The pair walk to the woman's home nearby. As they enter through the door, the woman tells the young man to wait in the living room. The man sits, giddy like a child on Christmas day. If the woman is this good looking at her age, he wondered, then I bet her daughter's a stunner too.

The woman makes sure the young man is comfortable, and says "I'll go and put something nicer on." She then turns and yells as she walks up the stairs, "Hey mum, you better be awake!"

Thanks for the livery, Jed.