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Jordan EJ15 - 2005
Имя:Roman Sokolov
Страна: Российская Федерация
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Первый Гран-при: Сезон 30, Гонка 13
Количество входов:12157
Время в GPRO:4236.7 часов
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Группа:Pro - 25
Позиция в сезоне:21
Финансы: $?.???.???
Пилот: Bernd Schumacher (139)
Тех. Д: Bernie Phillips (89)
Общий уровень персонала:30
Шины: Avonn
Название команды: OLYMPIACOS Superleague Formula
Позиция команды:263
Командные очки:154.8664


Grundigkeit (A27) - 18 гонок
New Corp (P25) - 7 гонок
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Карьера менеджера Roman Sokolov (Последнее обновление: 24 Ноя 2020, 22:26:04)
Hello! This is my story in GPro. One day I'll be a champion!

Current S79, A31: "Doing business" - time to get some juice, baby

S78, A31: "Hidden tiger" - see for the next one
17 races, best start = 3 / finish = 1

S77, Pro-13: "Protect my place here" - Failed!
Another portion of lessons from the game. Hidden in the Ama's with a very nice driver. I'll be come back pretty soon )

S76, A3: "Promotion... Go on!" - Succeed!
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1
A very nice season with intriguing fight against @Mick Sheahan and @Otto Porsanger. Maked me smile many times )
S-pecial: 2nd time A-3 group champion )

S75, A3: "Get in shape" - Succeed!
17 races, best start = 5 / finish = 1

S74, A3: "Nurse the wounds. pIV - Patience" - I need to put up with a little more...
S73, A3: "Nurse the wounds. pIII - Trials" - slow progress and 2 points.
S72, A3: "Nurse the wounds. pII - Tortures" - again nothing interesting, and even no points at all.
S71, A3: "Nurse the wounds" - this is the 1st stage of my comeback. Nothing special, and 1 point only.

S70, P4: "Preparation v2" - failed miserably.
17 races, best start = 11 / finish = 8

S69, M5: "Money. I love money!" - succeed with money balance more or less. But made some mistakes, which I was not able to recognize in that time.
11 races, best start = 34 / finish = 32

S68, P14: "Rush!!" - from Pro to... Masters. Succeed! Surprisingly easy at fact. But I'm happy even more for another achievement, really rare achievement ;)
17 races, best start = 2 / finish = 1

S67, P14: "Am I ready for Pro?" - Finally Yes! :) Scored 7 points and for the first time remained at the Pro level
17 races, best start = 6 / finish = 7

S66, A3: "Another time AMA-league Champion" - at least this level is easy for me now
S61-S65, A3: "Recollect the strength" - strategy change, plus new data arrived. Hello Don! :)
S60, P16: "Fight to remain" - lost without a chance

S59, A15: "Going to Pro. Again"
This time I am trying to promote prepared better, than earlier.
It seems that I did it well. Always on a podium ))
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1
S-pecial: Standing tall, Untouchable Amateur & some another achievements.

S58, A15: "Strategic move"
Additional preparation season. Not so smooth, as I hoped.
16 races, best start = 2 / finish = 2

S57, A15: "Comeback to training hall"
Preparation for the next season.
17 races, best start = 4 / finish = 3

S56, P20: "The 2nd try in Pro"
My main goal is to stay here, it's clear. One point only is not enough, I found. Fail.
17 races, best start = 10 / finish = 8

S55, A122: "Amateurs class = done!"
I wanted the AMA's championship and the cup. And I made it!
Thanks to my rival Martin Assanelli that has dropped to race in last 4 races of a season :)
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1
S-pecial: my very 1st GRAND CHELEM in Monteal! Unexpected if be honest. (406th race for me) - and it still the one only, note from S68
=Team=: I became the captain of our team, to which I has come in S32. Thanks to team's founder Neophytos Christodoulides, who has helped me a lot in the beginning!

S54, A122: "Down & Up"
I was hot, and plan to racing another promotion to Pro. Need for more money, so in final staying for the next season in AMAs.
17 races, best start = 2 / finish = 2

S53, P2: "Veni. Vidi. Not Vici, but Fail"
Trying to reach first scores in Pro to stay for the next season. Failed. Try another movement.
17 races, best start = 5 / finish = 13

S52, A77: "The way to Pro" / "The 1st time Amateurs Champion!"
Scored every race, that's my way! :)
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1 (incl. 6 poles in a row)

S51, A77: "Before (the way to Pro) P.III"
Step by step and race by race.
17 races, best start = 6 / finish = 4

S50, A77: "Before (the way to Pro) P.II"
After only 2 points in first 4 races I changed my pilot again. The next goal is s52.
17 races, best start = 7 / finish = 7

S49, A77: "Before (the way to Pro)"
Trying to stay in AMAs with some preparations for the future.
17 races, best start = 8 / finish = 5

S48, R331: "Fade or Glory P.II"
...a lot of glory this time! 17 podiums in 17 races achievement :)
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1 (incl. 9 victories in the row)
S-pecial: "Standing tall", "Rookie storm" & some another nice achievements.

S47, R331: "Fade or Glory"
...fade. Just another fail )) New driver later and a new hope.
16 races, best start = 2 / finish = 1

S46, R331: "Scout for a talented one"
Try to dominate in my group. Failed from the start. Begin again with another driver.
Hard fighting to win race at least. Success in Sepang.
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1

S45, A55: "Waiting for a new start"
Wish to try another rookie challenge S46. Retired for a future reborn.
3 races, best start = 24 / finish = 21

S44, R134: "A New Start! p.I - Preparation"
Search of a new driver who will be able to win. Train him for the next season. Try one achievement. Failed.
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1

S43, A64: "Another Try. Another Fail."
I needed to replace my driver again, but I couldn't find a good candidate in time. I wasted time and money. Three times during the season I finished the ninth and could remain in league. But I was tired to be like "Caterham" and decided to start from Rookies another time.
17 races, best start = 13 / finish = 9

S42, A64: "Time to say goodbye: replacement of Good driver"
After S41 failure I had to lose my superb driver Stephane Bianchi after 4th race. So I need to find a new one and a really good one pilot!
But I made wrong choice and hire the pilot with too low talent. I unterstand it too late.
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1

S41, A64: "Do my best"
I wanted to fight for a champion's title and go in PRO. But my own mistakes and random failure in two races in a row at the season's beginning makes me 4th only at the end. I was so close! Just can't believe, really. It was funny - note from S68
17 races, best start = 1 / finish = 1

S40, A64: "I know that I do"
Accurate preparations for the next season. Accurately executed.
17 races, best start = 5 / finish = 1st
S-pecial: my 1st VICTORY IN AMATEURS: 168th race for me ("it's not so easy to clamber to the top" - Chris De Burg).

S39, R20: " Total Domination! ...Failed."
So... I'm the second time rookie's champion. Ve-e-ery easy. But failed my primary goal to become a legend in rookies class... (for a while?)
16 races,
best start = 1st (16 times from my 16 starts, missing just 1 race only by a case)
best finish = 1st (11 times, including 7 times in a row)

S38, R20: "Make some noise"
Thanks to Neo - Captain of our team "OLYMPIACOS Superleague Formula", I've signed a very promising young driver named Stephane Bianchi. Prepare him for a glory future ))
17 races, best start = 1st (5 times) / finish = 1st (4 times)
...and, finally!
S-pecial: my very 1st FASTEST LAP - Kaunas GP, s38, r7

S37, A70: "WTF?"
Just another fail from the beginning up to the end. I'll come back with a really good pilot, promise!
17 races, best start = 5 / finish = 7

S36, A70: "Step by Step"
Goals for this season was first scores in amateurs and... surely to remain in amateurs as well.
Status: successfully executed! :) Not easy, but all by my plan.
17 races, best start = 14 / finish = 5

S35, R165: "Mr. 2nd place guy"
My goal for the season was easyly pass 2 Amateurs. And I made it. But I was sure that I will win some races too. To my disappointment my rival Sujith Ashraf ruined my dreams from the start. Later in the middle of the season I've changed my mind and signed an another pilot. Let's look that happens further...
17 races, best start = 1st (7 times) / finish = 2nd (9 times)

S34, A45: "When there is nothing to be proud"
Hard season with no success. Didn't start in two races by a case that only aggravated a situation. I could remain in Amateurs, but the random car problem in the last race deprived last chance of me.
15 races, best start = 13 / finish = 12

S33, R299: "The 1st Time GPro Champion - Rookies class"
My plan was to finish on a podium in the first race of this season. I fully failed it )) Finished 9th! No scores even, so hard!
But after this race I've made some corrections to my tactics and results increased immediatly!
Later till this season I've won 7 races + some podiums, and + 13 POLE POSITIONS. I like "F-1 Sensation" NES game by Konami, by the way. Write me if you've found this message ;)
After alll, I was lucky enough to won a cup... And the CHAMPIONSHIP ! ! !
On the last 15 laps of the last race in a season I managed to incline a bowl of scales in my own favor!
I won the season with advantage in 1 POINT ONLY from my #1 great rival Martijn Rip! What a thrilling! And what a fun!!
17 races,
best start = 1st place (13 times! including 7 times in a row)
best finish = 1st place (7 times!)
S-pecial: MY VERY 1st VICTORY was at Zandvoort, Holland, s33, r4 (42nd race for me)!

S32, R299: "Preparation"
Started unfortunatelly with my driver loss (sounds funny now :), so I can't fight for promote by my original plan. Still learning.
And later I won the first podium and pole position both. Also was able kept my driver for the next 33 season. Cool season!
17 races,
best start = 1st place (Singapore, s32, r16 - the very 1st POLE POSITION!)
best finish = 3rd place (Laguna Seca, USA, s32, r5 - the very 1st PODIUM!)
S-pecial: Joined "OLYMPIACOS Superleague Formula" GPro Team at the end of a season. Thanks to Neo!

S31, R299: "The 1st full season"
Scored first points, but failed any serious success. Two times lose podium because of small fuel mistakes.
17 races, best start = 2 / finish = 4

S30, R299: "The 1st time in the GAME"
Just some races, learning and having fun.
4 races, best start = 12 / finish = 12

I like hi-tech stuff, F-1 (of course, YES) and 80's music, plus any kind of sci-fi and a lot of others as everyone!
Feel free to write me.

We are Fast & Proud!! Team link - /ru/TeamProfile.asp?TeamId=278