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Имя:Dave Maher
Страна: Ирландия
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Первый Гран-при: Сезон 13, Гонка 5
Количество входов:10931
Время в GPRO:2846.4 часов
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Группа:Amateur - 76
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Финансы: $??.???.???
Пилот: Robert Tung (118)
Тех. Д: Нет
Общий уровень персонала:27
Шины: Pipirelli
Название команды: Phantom Racing ™
Позиция команды:74
Командные очки:299.1334


BNP Paribasil (P11) - 9 гонок
Berta (A76) - 23 гонок
TouchMe (A76) - 10 гонок
PMS Bank (A31) - 21 гонок
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Карьера менеджера Dave Maher (Последнее обновление: 1 Окт 2014, 14:55:35)
Stumbled across this site and joined in season 13. Got totally addicted and stayed.

Spent a couple of seasons learning and gathering some data.

Season 14 : Very much a learning season and a little disheartening not to even score 1 point. Finished 31 in group and best result was 14.

Season 15 : New driver and improved results, Got my first win, first fastest laps and scored 35 points to finish 8th. Much better.

Season 16 : Great season for me with 5 wins and 104 points I went on to win the group and the Cup and promote to Amateur with 104 points and joined FHRE, later to become The Squad.

Season 17 : First season Amateur, Finished 10th with some decent results and scored 21 points to booth.

Season 18 : Second season in amateur and again finished 10th with 22 points, no real progress made.

Season 19 : Worst season in GPRO, nearly left after some dismall results, which I realized where down to me being overly reliant on my driver , Relegated but signed a pretty good driver at low cost before doing so, and all set for another run from rookie.

Season 20 : The whole finance thing seemed to click into place for this season and had a fantastic run of results with my first ever poles and 15 podiums which include 8 wins and 7 of those where in a row, promoted and won the cup.

Season 21 : Back in amateur again, this time better prepared and with a better understanding of some of the finer points of this game. Started the season slowly, building for season 22 and finished the second half with a lot of great results and plenty of cash, all ready for next season.

Season 22 : Fantastic season, best to date. Everything went so much better then expected 16 points finishes incuding 9 wins, pole positions, fastest laps and 134 points to get promoted.

Season 23 : First Season in Pro, found it very difficult early in season to even compete, but did manage my first point in race 3 in Brno thanks to my strategy fitting the race perfect. As my package improved through the season so did my points haul and race 15 in Brasilia, one of drivers favorite tracks, brought my first podium in Pro with a second place finish. All in all a strange season.

Season 24 : Still in Pro, but a much more comfortable season, seemed to be able to score points no mater where I qualified, but still feel I have a few things to learn before being ready for a push to master.

Highlight of season was to finish as World Number 1 in GPRO Golf.

Season 25 : Difficult first half to season with a driver just to low in a certain attribute, eventually let him go and got Enrique who is a compromise but definitely a better driver. Did what was Necessary to retain and no more. A season to forget.

A difficult few seasons due to severe financial setbacks in real life, but have bounced back and have found a renewed interest in the game. So hopefully Season 30 will hold better fortunes for me.

Season 30 : Had a pretty good season in rookie with lots of wins, fastest laps and Poles, enjoyed but realize the competition will only get tougher.

Season 31 : Slightly more difficult return to Amature then expected but did manage to gain a few points and retain. Highlight of season by far was joining Versant, Awesome team with a great bunch of guys all with a passion for the game.

Season 32 : Settled into amateur with some pretty simple goals with regard to preparing for a promotion push in season 33. All in all happy to have attained the targets I set.

Season 33 : Great season, pushed for promotion and won the group. Had a healthy Cash balance as well.

Season 34 : Goal to prepare package for a promotion push in Season 35 and pick up a few points along the way. Good season all round and finished where I wanted to.

Season 35 : Fantastic Season. got a couple of wins in Pro, promoted to Master and Versant finished 4th in team standings. Definitely a season to remember.

And now off to Master, What fresh hell is this!!!

Season 36 : Good start to season, scored my first points in Master and things going pretty much according to my plan for retention. Unfortunately RL interfered again and just no time for GPRO. Finished out the season with Versant pushing to score some team points and then retire.

Turns out this is a hard game to retire from. Ran a couple of races here and there to keep my interest and finally midway through Season 40 I made the decision to return.

Season 40 New Approach, new driver and a build up season, all good and steady steady.

Season 41 Promoted as per plan without really having to push and happy enough with monies

Season 42 Consolidating season and building driver up

Season 43 See season 42