History of Grand Prix Racing Online

Grand Prix Racing Online was created by a group of dedicated players of F1 manager web games.

The game is loosely based on past gaming experiences, incorporating the concepts, knowledge and experience of previous (classic) F1 manager games. Blending this knowledge with a high degree of innovative concepts and ideas, the game is unique in the world of F1 management games.

We aim for excellence in producing an online F1 manager game, which provides an attractive simulation of F1 management to numerous players. Keeping in mind the playability and the fun of a challenging game in a friendly community, this game should be a long lasting gaming enjoyment over the years to come.

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People behind Grand Prix Racing Online


Vladimir Alexandrov

  • GPRO President
  • Administrator
  • Programming
  • Design
  • Game Concept
  • GPRO Documentation

Stefan Voggenreither

  • GPRO Vice President
  • Administrator
  • Programming
  • Database routines
  • Scheduling routines
  • Game Concept

Mr Shadow

  • GPRO Law Enforcer
  • Cheaters Punisher
  • Multi-Account Hunter
  • Fake Name Hunter


Hans Barf

  • Game Concept
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Research
  • Forum Moderator

Florencia Caro

  • Forum Moderator
  • Graphics

Mick Ridley

  • Forum Moderator

Kai Wen Chew

  • Forum Moderator

Lyee Chong

  • Forum Moderator


Chat Moderators

Harri Pakosta Cole Fainter Mick Ridley Florencia Caro

Language translators

Español Español Marcelo Michelini
Polski Polski Tomek Kiełpiński
Eesti keel Eesti keel Erkki Tempel
Српски Српски Marko Stojčev
Italiano Italiano Mauro Saccoccia
Ελληνικά Ελληνικά Marios Tsekis
Türkçe Türkçe Ahmet Sonverdi
Română Română Doru Paraschiv
Русский Русский Andriy Dyadkovich
Suomi Suomi Mikko Heikkinen
Français Français Marco Ferraz
Deutsch Deutsch Tim-Oliver Wagner
Bahasa Melayu Melayu Lyee Chong
Dansk Dansk Jesper Warming
Português(BR) Português Gideon Rosa
Vlaams Vlaams Luc Segers
Čeština Čeština Dominik Karda
Lietuvių Lietuvių Tomas Červinskis
Hrvatski Hrvatski Marin Žic
Shqip Shqip Samoeni Albanalopolis
Македонски Македонски Vasko Minovski
Magyar Magyar Zsolt Varga
Nederlands Nederlands Pascal Van Kleij
Slovenčina Slovenčina Ivan Krapka
Български Български Vladimir Alexandrov
Português Português Rui Morais
Pirate Pirate Gordon Ashford

Headquarters of Grand Prix Racing Online

Vela Chorbova 15
Sofia 1225

Email: (not for game guidance, use the forum instead to ask a question!)